In Apex Legends , season 14 Hanted opened on August 10. At the beginning of the opening, it seems that the number of simultaneous connection players at the peak at the Steam was updated again after last season. In the APEX LEGENDS season 14 Hanted, Vantage participates as a new legend. He is a sniper…

Apex Legends players had a week to get used to the update of season 13 and the introduction of Newcastle, the latest face of the APEX games, into the list of playable characters.
Before his release, the fans were BES

Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors, as always, shakes the line of gold weapons, but there are several changes that the players will be especially happy.

The 13th season of Apex Legends is just around the corner and today is an important day – it’s time for patch notes, people.
While there is a lot to be brooded, the headlines change nerfs for all four LMGs of the game, an interesting ä

Diablo 2: The first ladder season of leisure starts today, and the run toward the position of the strongest sanctuary is in full swing.
A special real life exhibition commemorating Diablo and Korean players who are passionate about the game

In his 499th game as a Bundesliga coach Felix Magath celebrated a 2-0 victory against Stuttgart with Hertha BSC, which brought the Berliner clearly closer to the Berlin.
The conclusion fell mixed.