3goo Co., Ltd. announced on July 14 that it will release the console version of the THE RUMBLE FISH series in the winter of 2022. The first work The Rumble Fish and The Rumble Fish 2 will be ported to the console and released worldwide. The Rumble Fish 2 will be the first transplant. The…

Nexon’s new MMORPG ‘Prasian Electric’, which was released as a catchphrase of the siege of the siege, was released on the 27th.
‘Prasian Electric’ is ‘Project ER’ in Nexon Media Showcase on August 5 last year.

The device appearance of the Ps VR2 (hereinafter referred to as PS VR2), which is the headset of Sony’s VR, which was released on January 5, was released on January 5. The controller and head mount display (HMD) is characterized by all designed in the for

Many expectations (hereinafter referred to as Stalker 2) The schedule was postponed over half a year. GSC Game World has announced that the launch of Stalker 2> was postponed on December 8 through official SNS today (13).