Through Share Factory Workshop we can take advantage of little bits, with different stickers and also filters.
The experience with PlayStation 5 exceeds the video games themselves.
Sony’s console has actually always attempted to resolve …

“Nejima-Online” has been drawn and sold online, and “Sofmap AKIBA Amusement Museum” is accepting application at the store. If you have an acceptable receptionist, you are actively

It has been in March 2022, but the difficulty of obtaining PS5 is continuing, and now it is in a situation where lottery sales are also scarce. That’s why, let’s prepare for new reception desks and prepare as much as possible.

I think there are many people who want to request PS5 for Christmas gifts, but at present it will be difficult to obtain even Santa Claus. Pastable application for lottery sales is far around and closest

PS5 that comes with the first anniversary of the release next month. However, the supply for demand is not yet sufficient, and there are not many people who want to get it. Now, because new receptionists are scarce, expect future development?