The Marvel Superheroes game developed by those responsible for Xcom debuts next October.
Don’t miss Spider-Man in Action.

On June 11, Poland-based indieveropper LOONYWARE released a new trailer for the horizontal scroll puzzle game Chicken Journey . This work is being developed for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch overseas, aiming for release in the fourth quarter of 2022. Chicken Journey is a horizontal scroll puzzle game drawn in pixel art. The hero chicken…

Switch OLED and the regular switch are very similar, yet which of them is most worth it?
Meinmmo presents you to the gaming consoles.

Enmedia Platform (CEO Jae -hwa Song) announced on the 3rd that it opened the Nintendo Switch game price comparison service, Allmage.
Is ‘All -Magp’ comparing game price information in domestic and overseas Nintendo e -shoes?

Amazon launched the Gaming Week, in which games for PS4, PS5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch as well as Bundles on offer with the Sony Dual Sense …