CEDEC 2022 (Computer Entertainment Developer Conference, Hereinafter Cedeck), where game developers from all over the world gather to talk about development practices, the three days of the three days, the PS5 -only VR HMD ‘Place, which was released in ea

On the 20th, the 564 campaign Jack event will begin on the 20th.
564 Campaign Jack is the same configuration as an event held in Umamusme, Japan, the same as the event, the same pronunciation.

Kakao Games opened its official game café of Umamus Me Pretty Derby (hereinafter referred to as Umamus Me) today (30th) and unveiled the official release date of Umamusme.
Umamusme is going to go to Google Play on June 20th ??

The first mobile game, the collectible RTS ‘Warcraft Arclight Rumble’, was released at dawn on the 4th.
Most of the time, if you make a mobile game with a Warcraft worldview, MMORPG ??

“Nejima-Online” has been drawn and sold online, and “Sofmap AKIBA Amusement Museum” is accepting application at the store. If you have an acceptable receptionist, you are actively

It has been in March 2022, but the difficulty of obtaining PS5 is continuing, and now it is in a situation where lottery sales are also scarce. That’s why, let’s prepare for new reception desks and prepare as much as possible.

The device appearance of the Ps VR2 (hereinafter referred to as PS VR2), which is the headset of Sony’s VR, which was released on January 5, was released on January 5. The controller and head mount display (HMD) is characterized by all designed in the for

Many expectations (hereinafter referred to as Stalker 2) The schedule was postponed over half a year. GSC Game World has announced that the launch of Stalker 2> was postponed on December 8 through official SNS today (13).

I think there are many people who want to request PS5 for Christmas gifts, but at present it will be difficult to obtain even Santa Claus. Pastable application for lottery sales is far around and closest