It has been in March 2022, but the difficulty of obtaining PS5 is continuing, and now it is in a situation where lottery sales are also scarce. That’s why, let’s prepare for new reception desks and prepare as much as possible.

I think there are many people who want to request PS5 for Christmas gifts, but at present it will be difficult to obtain even Santa Claus. Pastable application for lottery sales is far around and closest

PS5 that comes out the first anniversary of the release. However, the difficulty of obtaining is still continuing and the supply is not focused on demand. The outlook for improvement is still not standing, so it is a gaze and purchase of future lottery sa

PS5 that comes with the first anniversary of the release next month. However, the supply for demand is not yet sufficient, and there are not many people who want to get it. Now, because new receptionists are scarce, expect future development?

Today, Nejima Online starts a lottery reception. Q & A also publishes the lottery magnification so far. Although it dropped to a certain extent for a while, it seems that the demand for normal versions is greatly increased. Devil

The receptionist of the new invitation request of Amazon, which started the other day has ended, and lottery sales for a wide range are in a scarce situation.

Lottery sales of Don Quijote , which began newly, we accept application in MAJICA app . Soft Map 2 stores are being accepted at the store.

The Amazon invitation request is easy to process, so if you have an account already, please follow. In addition, since 2 Sofmaps are accepted at the store, they will be in the neighboring direction.

Now it seems that the lottery for PS5 is scarce, so it can be said that it is a hunting time. This time, the lottery result of Sony Store held in the current month is distributed sequentially from September 21, so if you have a heartwarming person

The new lottery for PS5 is currently in a situation where it is currently poor. A lottery application is accepted at the store of some Sofmap stores, but a wide range of development will wait for new movements.