The Nintendo Direct of February 8, 2023 had some exciting announcements to offer again.
Including two very special series, one of whom has been decommissioned for years.

A newly published TV spot for the superhero film Shazam: Fury of the Gods has a big surprise.. The theatrical launch of the brand-new DC superhero movie Shazam: Fierceness of the Gods looms

Open Beta will put all five classes at your disposal.
Since time is limited, it is difficult to test everything, especially the different builds.
Get to know the strengths and weaknesses of each and decide the best way to you

The game continues to surprise.
A short time ago we saw a basilisk prowling the Slytherin Common Hall, and this time it is a dragon flying freely and hunting.
It is even possible to see him carrying his prey

Freshly announced in Japan for an exit on July 6 at Furyu, the action-RPG Crymachina also takes the road to the West thanks to Nis America who will publish the game with us at the next fall on PS5 on PS5
, PS4, Switch and Steam.

The producers have planned a lot for season 2 of the HBO series House of the Dragon.
This also applies to the dragons.