0.7 – Dragonflight: New Icon for Focused Malignancy & Bugged Third Boss of Tempest of the Jade Serpent.

  • Old Salamander has an opportunity to drop from Girl Shaw’ Ra located in a cavern at 61.2 58.1 in the Forbidden Reach. (MMO-Champion).

  • Artisan’s Consortium track record incentives are account-wide. (MMO-Champion).


  • Warlock’s Focused Malignancy got a new icon. (Wikipedia).


  • The third Tempest of the Jade Snake boss is pestered. (MMO-Champion).

The area has assembled a checklist of undocumented changes that went live in Patch 10.0.7.



  • Lauren personalities who complete the Maine’s Browse quest line will certainly obtain Forefather’s Might (Emblem Mace) as well as an Ancestral Blood hood Symbol (back accessory) that appears like Maine’s emblems. (MMO-Champion).


Let us recognize, and we’ll add it and also credit you if you have actually identified anything that isn’t on the listing!

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