Octopath Traveler II Guide: Ochette Chapter 1: Who is Eightte and How to Unlock Their Trip?

Who are Eight?
Sociopath Traveler II is now available, and we have seen excellent criticisms about how the 2D-HD game develops.
With eight different trips to choose from, it can be a bit complicated how you can achieve each one and discover the mysteries of the game.
In this guide of Sociopath Traveler II, we will talk about how you can finish chapter 1 of Eight in the game.

Who is Eight?

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The name of this playable character is Eight and you are a hunter.


Your adventure begins on the island of Yokohama with your bestial companions.
Despite your problems with human islanders, you live a life without worries.
That is until you find out an invasive calamity known as the scarlet moon night.
He is desperate to save his home, so he sails in search of those who can help him.
Very good, Master Judah.
I will do that.
I will find those creatures of legend and bring them back.
You are equipped with Ability Provoke, which allows you to challenge the people of the town to battle.

If you fail, your reputation will be affected.


The first Chapter of Eight begins when they tell you about the three legendary creatures that have supervised and protected peace on the island for many years.
According to Yokohama’s legends, they can be called back to the island before the calamity of the night of the scarlet moon and protect the island as necessary.
Then you will meet the Mentor de Echette,…

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