Tyler1s Europe West Ranked Challenge: Can the Most Recognized League of Legends Player Conquer the EUW Server?

Tyler1 is heading to Europe beginning on March 16, where heck spends the mass of his trip trying to climb up the EU placed ladder– while also proceeding his banter against gamers on the server. He attempted a comparable challenge last year when he took a trip to South Korea yet stated after he returned house that he felt the trip did little to press his limitations as an Organization gamer.

The content creator has actually been specifically singing about the forest adjustments that were carried out in the video game during one of the most current preseasons, making the role a lot less complicated to find out as well as, simultaneously, a lot more impactful across the map. When Spot 13.5 was presented, however, Tyler1 as well as his sweetheart– fellow material developer Makayla– launched a brief skit acknowledging exactly how happy he was for the forthcoming adjustments.

Early in 2014, tyler1 successfully got to Opposition rate in each and every single role on the NA web server, streaming his endeavors throughout over 2 years. Ever since, he has maintained his Monday to Friday streaming schedule where he attempts to climb up from spot to patch for upwards of nine hours a day.


One of the most recognizable faces in the Organization of legends area– and the most reformed– is all set to take on his greatest challenge yet: the Europe West server.

It is uncertain just how much time Tyler1 will certainly spend in Europe, nor is it clear just how much time he will invest streaming. He noted during a current stream that he will certainly be taking the very first couple of days following his arrival in Europe to himself before beginning the grind.

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