Cries and Tears: Crymachina Action-RPG Revealed for Western Release on PS5, PS4, Switch, and Steam

Freshly announced in Japan for a release on July 6 at Fury, the action-RPG Crymachina also takes the road to the West thanks to Ni’s America who will publish the game with us next fall on PS5, PS4, Switch and Steam.


Developed by Aria, a studio essentially known for the Sword Art Online (Hollow Fragment, Hollow Realization, Elicitation Loris) games and for the RPG The Caligula Effect, Crymachina takes place in a postal science fiction world where humanity has completely
Disappeared from the landscape a few centuries earlier.

We would have guessed it among the words that the word comes out in the trailer, but the notion of humanity promises to be a central subject in this title where the characters (all female, of course) are mechanical,
This obviously does not prevent the emotions from expressing themselves and tears from flowing.
It must be said that the protagonists are E.V.E, certainly synthetic beings but who embark on a reconstruction of consciences of deceased humans.

E.V.E get up

Surviving and understanding what it means to become a true human being, so that is the stake of the quest for Level Distal, a dying young girl apparently chosen by an entity named Genoa, which earned her to just escape her fatal fate.
When he woke up, Level discovers a place called Eden, a spatial structure where the machines pursue the objective of creating real humans to restore humanity.
Level and his comrades E.V.E, that are Minot Chick and friend Shinto, will alternate between the exploration of the battlefields of Eden and the return to the sweet household that represents the imitation Garden.
Here, the heroines will be able to rest, personalize their weapons and chat more slightly to forget the darkness of the outside world as well as their synthetic nature that they seem so rejecting.
The real-time combat system guarantees a fluid transition between clashes and exploration, while the science fiction artistic direction is noted by the pretty illustrations of artists @Rolua_n and @yoshi6054.
On the sound side, Fury entrusted the BO to Suzy, an artist who had already signed Crystal at the same publisher, and of which we can listen to 11 minutes of extracts on YouTube.
Crymachina will be available with us in box and download, with Japanese dubbing and English texts.

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