Kantefather Wins FIFA23 Online Tournament Hosted by PlayStation® on March 4th

Additionally, the popular customers revealed excellent focus.
‘DingCairong’, that serves as a former FIFA Online 4 professional gamer and has a nationwide group experience, a console experience and excellent meta-play, as well as has actually played as a FIFA23 MFA Korea National Agent.
The appearance of ‘Anteater’, which has a good performance in FIFA 23, was sufficient for visitors to enhance stress.

In the FIFA23 online tournament hosted by the PlayStation ® on March 4, ‘Anteater’ users won the last champion.

At the same time, ‘DingCairong’ as well as ‘Getta-Ryoma’, who were eliminated in the semi-finals, were linked for third location.

The tournament has brought in the focus of numerous FIFA 23 users prior to the beginning.
Not only did renowned streamers were greatly advertised during the occasion, but likewise the LG 55-inch OLED Televisions were winning.

Caste is proficient at playing football as well as Canter is much better than FIFA.

In the final finals, ‘Anteater’, which beat ‘Getta-Ryoma’ and also ‘KR_dodo’, that won’tDingCairong’.


The initial video game appeared to be simple to win as an all set player captured the Caste Father 4: 0.
Ever since, however, the Caste Daddy has actually won the last championship with an established rating 2: 1 with a one-of-a-kind harmful psychological war and a bitterness.

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