Destiny 2 Lightfall: Unlock the Power of the Void Warlock with the Best Compilation

The sorcerers have always been a powerful and fun class to play in Destiny 2. With the new Nightfall expansion, players will want to make sure they can navigate the new content as quickly as possible.
One of the ways in which they can do it easily is using the best construction of Void Warlock in Destiny 2 Nightfall.

Destiny 2 Nightfall The best Void Warlock buildings

In Destiny 2, each subclass is known for bringing their own powers, benefits and unique disadvantages to the table that can ensure that each one feels rewarding to play.
For void, players can benefit from the following skills:
Devour: give yourself a feast with the energy of your defeated enemies.
The final blows return your health completely, give energy from Granada and extend devour.
Vacuum shield: You are armored with a protective barrier of vacuum light.
Reduces the damage received from the combatants.
Stealth: You disappear from the view and do not appear on the radar.
Carrying offensive actions will end the invisibility.
Volatile: The objective is affected by energy of the unstable vacuum and will explode when receiving additional damage.
Weakens: the objective receives more damage and its speed of movement slows down.
Affected fighters have difficulty shooting accurately.
Eliminated: The objective is affected by the energy of the unstable vacuum and will explode when receiving additional damage.
In addition, Void Warlock has an element that can collect called Void Breaches, which gives class skill energy when collected.
With each of these advantages and disadvantages available to the player, he can master his enemies, whether they participate in EVE or PVP.
For those who want the definitive version of Void Warlock in Destiny 2 Nightfall, here is a version that will ensure that players feel like an unstoppable guardian, by using improvement devour largely.
One of the best parts of the Void subclass is the ability to quickly recover lost health by defeating enemies through Devour benefit.
Those with a highly enough resistance statistics can easily cross multitudes of enemies without sweating.
Making this work requires some different elements.

The best exotic guns of empty construction

Thorn (exotic hand cannon)

Image source: Bungee through
One of the best parts of Thorn or Often Stria is the fact that special bullets that poison the enemies.
For Often Stria, when enemies are defeated, they explode and spread the poison.
For Thorn, the bullets have perforations and can hit multiple enemies with 1 shot.

Often Stria (Exotic Metallic)

Image source: Bungee through
While the weapon will have to depend on the player’s preference, the Stria Often has search projectiles that can make a goal to be very easy in EVE.


Thorn is in a much better place for those who prefer PVP.
Even so, each of these articles, combined with a specific exotic sorcerer, the Grip necrotic gloves, converts these strong weapons into almost broken levels of destruction.

Better exotic empty construction armor

Exotic armor: necrotic handle (gloves)

Image source: Bungee through
The necrotic Grip gloves allow the player to use his melee ability to poison their enemies, and when they expire, exploit and spread that poison to other enemies.
As enemies die from poison, they will update the player’s melee skill.
However, with the Thorn or the Often Stria equipped, bullets will actually produce the effects of gloves, which means that Thorn drilling bullets will make enemies’ ranks explode, and the Stria Often can end the crowds easily.
In addition, with the devour effect activated, by killing an enemy with empty ability, players can keep it almost permanently just killing 1 time every 10 seconds.
With the chained poison and the explosions, it is possible to shoot only 1 shot and the chain reaction kills the entire room.
Try it, it’s crazy.

aspects are what players can assign their subclass to get special skills.

For Void Warlocks, the two aspects they want to have are feed the void and Child of the old Gods.
These provide the following benefits:

  • Feed the void: defeat an enemy with a vacuum ability to activate devour.
  • Son of the ancient gods: throw your crack to invoke a soul of the void.
    When you damage an enemy with your weapon, your void Soul will throw himself towards him and detonate nearby, joining drains that inflict damage and weaken the target.
    When Void Soul inflicts damage, he returns melee and grenade energy (if you run healing rift) or health (if you run empowering rift).
    Defeating an enemy who is being drained grants Rift energy.
    Of course, having Devour above is important for this construction and survival, so feed the void is necessary.
    Child of the Old Gods is excellent because it reimburses melee and grenade energy when used, and players will always want to execute the healing crack to achieve maximum healing.


The fragments are an important part of any construction and players can use them to refine their construction even more.
For this void sorcerer construction, players will want to choose fragments that can give resilience or those that can increase the devouring of construction.

The recommended fragments are:
Eco de Sanguinely: The final blows’ melee begin the regeneration of health for you and your close allies.
Increase resilience by 10.
Exchange echo: Final blows’ melee grant energy from Granada.
Echo of dominant: After suppressing an objective, you get a very improved mobility for a brief period of time and the equipped weapon is recharged from the reserves.
Defeat suppressed objectives create a vacuum gap.
Discipline increases by 10.
Echo of persistence: the vacuum benefits that are applied to you (invisibility, overprotection and devour) have a longer duration.
Decreases recovery by 10.


Mods have recently been updated in Destiny 2 Nightfall, and players can now change them easily for free.
While there are some modifications that stand out, players can play mainly with the modifications to see which one works best.
In addition, mods such as mods Reloaded and Targeting Mods can be changed according to the type of weapons that the player prefers to use.
Ideally, players want to accumulate resilience mods to reach 100 resilience, which provides 30% damage resistance.
Combined with damage resistance mods depending on the type of content that is being done, players can receive a lot of punishment, and combined with devouring, it will be very difficult for them to die.
With this construction, players should be able to shoot Thorn almost endless, since it is recharged through remnants, and apply AOE poison in a complete area, all while they heal themselves almost continuously.
For those looking for the best construction of Void Warlock in Destiny 2 Lightfalleste it is a very strong contender.
To get more guides and tips on Destiny 2, consult our other guides and become the strongest guardian of the galaxy.
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