The Last of Us Season 2: Pedro Pascal Confirms Good News for Fans Waiting for the Release

Currently, The Last of Us is going very well in terms of HBO Live Action series, with views that exceed week with week, and now the end of the first season is quite close.


While the second wave of episodes was already confirmed, some are eager to know if the recordings will begin soon or there will be rest.
Recently, the actor who plays Joel, Pedro Pascal, has been interviewed by the media, which at the same time have asked him something in particular, that is precisely if he will soon begin to shoot more chapters.
And while what he has said has been somewhat to interpret, it seems that everything looks positive for the scenes to be recorded soon.

This mentioned:

In 2023?
In what station are we now?
Are we entering spring?
Yes, there is a possibility.
All this means that the next episodes could take less than what is thought, because if this same 2023 will be published shortly after and thus have them ready to get to HBO at some point in 2024. However, you have to wait for a
Most concrete statement of producers.
Via: Collider
Editor’s note: I don’t know if it would be something hurried to get annual seasons, but I would thank me at a certain level, I’m not going to lie.
Meanwhile, let’s finish watching season 1 before thinking about the following.

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