Farewell Ash Ketchum and Pikachu: Will the Pokemon Anime Revisit Ash in the Future?

In recent interviews, The Pokémon Firm has made it clear Ash is stepping out of the anime as its lead, however that doesn’t imply the instructor can not show up in spurts progressing. Just recently, executive Kunihiko Guyana talked with Media about Pokémon’s new age, and it was there Ash Ketchup showed up in discussion. The supervisor admitted he believes we’ll see Satoshi once more someplace in the future (via Dogs) yet what could that resemble?

The last anime motion picture to go live was set in Ash’s AU timeline, as well as if we are being truthful, this timeline may be the finest fit to bring on with Ash. While brand-new heroes Like as well as Roy will require motion pictures of their own, the occasional AU entrance with Ash and Pikachu would certainly please the fandom’s nostalgia bone.


Relying on exactly how the new Pokémon anime is set, Ash could stand out right into the series easily enough. Several have hypothesized the new series will take place after a time avoid when Ash is older, yet as long as the show remains in the very same world, the hero can recover. If Pokémon discovers an AU with its new program, Ash’s return will be relegated to the huge display.

It is the end of an era. After decades along with followers, Ash Ketchup and Pikachu are preparing to bid farewell. Pokémon confirmed its next anime series will certainly be presenting new lead characters as Ash continues his adventures off-screen. As you can picture, the fandom is still facing this reveal just weeks ahead of Ash’s leave, so can you blame the followers for asking yourself whether the hero will be gone with great?

Seriously, it is tough to think of Pokémon without Ash, as well as for excellent factor. Pokémon without Ash is an unthinkable truth for several, but ideally, the hero will be visited in the future.


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What do you believe Ash needs to do in the future if Pokémon reviews him…? Share your ideas with us in the comments’ area listed below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

Pokémon confirmed its following anime series will certainly be introducing new protagonists as Ash carries on his experiences off-screen. Lately, exec Kunihiko Guyana spoke with Media about Pokémon’s new era, and it was there Ash Ketchup came up in conversation. Depending on how the brand-new Pokémon anime is established, Ash might pop right into the series easily enough. The last anime movie to go online was established in Ash’s AU timeline, and if we are being truthful, this timeline may be the finest matched to carry on with Ash.

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