Wanted: Dead PC/Windows Game Review – Is It Poorly Made or Just Deliberately Poorly Done?

There is a blurred and very vague border between good bad and bad.
A good bad movie or game is something that bleeds blood and tears, but the end result is still incomprehensible to watch.
But what about when something is deliberately done badly?
After all, it shouldn’t become anything, right?

Well, of course not

Wanted: Dead is an example of how deliberately miserable game design stumbles upon its own cynicism.
Even before the release, the game developer, Solar, attracted attention by promoting his edition of the 21st century with everything except the game itself.
Chef books, grenades and other tillers were sent to the Internet’s Influencer advertisement.
In the interviews, the authors continued to emphasize how the game does not bend on anyone except for the past, and it is not consciously for everyone.
Stuffing, stiffness and strangeness are intentional.
They are a love for a time whose best moments are far behind.
The Sharked, who tried the same trick ten years ago.
It also tried to cover up its own deficiency behind an ironic meta commentary, which did not realize that so bad that it is good does not only mean a technically incapable entity.
There must be passion in the background.
Believe that the art that is being done is somehow significant.
It requires mixing optimism and a complete lack of self-awareness.
If you are deliberately aimed at badness, the end result will inevitably be only junk without entertainment.
Like sharks’ own disaster, Wanted: Dead is a toothless and impersonal journey to the past that cannot be recommended to anyone even ironically.

worn more than last year’s calendars

Wanted: Dead is trying to be relevant and neatly cool by all means.
It works about as well as Steve Buscemi in a famous meme.
The boomers’ flap throwing is, by the way, troublesome.
Charging screens refer to the ten-year-old YouTube jokes and the characters cultivate worn memes, regardless of context.
At best, the newcomers are impersonal caricatures.
Bad humor could still be pressed on a wool if playing was fun.
But Wanted: Dead doesn’t shine even in this department.
Maybe it is intentional too, but it doesn’t make it any more fun.
The gaming world looks like a PS2 era product.
The surfaces are without texture, the enemies are shaped from the same mold, and nothing responds to anything.
If the classic Mini-game Clinic Industrial Helmet is still in memory, Wanted: Dead is sure to evoke nostalgia.
Field design is a serenade for mediocrity.
Each linear clip is a collection of round battlefields that connect the corridors all look the same.
From place A, we move to the place B by firing and slicing into pieces all that come.
At the end of each fight, a grade that does not matter.
Then poorly designed boss battles and hopes that ridiculously poorly balanced difficulty levels will not radically throw in the next encounter.
Like its role models, Wanted: Dead does not contain the actual storage system.
The fields are broken down into parts marked by the milestones, where you can breathe and change weapons.
However, you can’t talk about the actual Dark Souls-style tactics.
It would require a sense of style from the game.


Wanted: Dead has tragically released freedom without anything like that.
Thus, the activity is also without a mood or even a bad taste to give it a good laugh.
Everything that Wanted: Dead offers has been seen better elsewhere.
Gun grave: G.O.R.E.
There is also a mechanically and stylish game, but its shameless self-conscious going saves a lot.
It’s fun to play because it’s so Over.
Wanted: In the dead, it is possible to bang the enemy with a machine gun on the face, throw a couple of itches in the pistol, and sip the type of fifteen parts, and the going is still nothing more than closed.
Between the fields, the story is transported by intermediate animations that are technically good but content-poor.
They jump from one genre to another at a pace that is buzzing in the eyes.
Sometimes there is a grave, a moment later a slapstick humor is cultivated.
As while playing, Wanted: Dead doesn’t know what it wants even when it just tells its story.

not even the alcohol

It’s hard to guess who Wanted: Dead is actually aimed at.

Today’s player base is wider than ever, and the supply is certainly not limited in the same way as 20 years ago.
There are also more or less functional Throwback games for those who are warmly reminiscent of the past, which resemble youth without being completely unhappy.
But they also emphasize quite different things.

They seek style and structure that, despite their defects, worked to some extent.
Wanted: Dead consciously seeking awkwardness.
It laughs to itself in a way that feels suicidal.
As if at some point it was realized that this game would not work, but we cannot start planning from scratch.
As a solution to this, we have started to do the whole thing in the hope that if we are cynical enough, it will become its own genre.
The end result proves that it does not come.
Fortunately, Wanted: Dead doesn’t have to play in order to remember how bad it went on at the turn of the millennium.
Nostalgia can be better experienced elsewhere, as well as masochism.

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