Pelucius is one of them – discover where to find it, how to capture it and what colors are available.Hogwarts Legacy: Where to Find, Capture and Color the Magical Pelucius Creature – All You Need to Know!

The Hogwarts Heritage game, influenced by the Harry Potter world, is currently offered, and now you can make use of the numerous baby rooms in the area demand to save wonderful pets.
Today, let’s concentrate on Lucio, a little, cute pet that you probably already learn about the saga.

Lucio: The Origins

Staying in a deep burrow, the Lucius is a small pet with black hair a lot of the time.
Its particularity is to be attracted to what radiates, and also dig as well as bubble compulsively.

Goblins are claimed to use it to dig up hidden treasures.
In Hogwarts Heritage, you will additionally see that your nests are full of gold items as well as other precious jewelry.

Where to locate Lucio in the game?

You will certainly require catching pounds to accomplish reproduction for all species in the game.
Additionally, keep in mind to capture a male pitch as well as female pitch when it reaches a nest.
The Thief in the Square mission provides you a certain teddy.
The secondary objective likewise guarantees you a Lucius named Rococo that you can choose-or commander.
Below are the areas of the 5 nests of Lucius thanks to the interactive map:

How to capture LUCIO:

  1. Come to be unnoticeable with the frustration spell to strategy Lucio and prevent it from escaping;
  2. Play Levies to maintain him in the air;
  3. Eliminate the capture bag and press the button at the appropriate time 4 times in a row.
    NOTE: You can change to history mode to facilitate capture

The different shades of Lucio

If you like gathering animals, recognize that there are a number of colors from Hogwarts Heritage.
In the meantime, we list 5 of them: white and blue, dark blue, yellow, dark gray and white (glossy).


Keep in mind that when utilizing playback, you can choose various parents each time and get and-new colors of teddy babies.
Product Obtained: Feeding as well as ushing the teddy, you obtain the useful to boost your tools through the loom.

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