Explore All the Changes in the Legends for APEX Legends Revelry – Season 16

Although the 16th season of Apex Legends will not add a new legend, many changes will be made to the existing legends.
The Apex Legends class system is processed, and some legends have undergone significant changes that can shake the meter.


One of the most significant changes is the Bounds and Mirage, in which abilities were redesigned.
Lifeline, Pathfinder and Wraith will gain strengthening their abilities.
Another change includes the massive nerf of the provider and the horizon, which can slightly balance the gameplay.
Here are all the changes in the legends for the Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry.

Changes in the 16th season of Bloodhound in Apex Legends

Sometimes white crows appear, and you can interact with them to indicate the path to the nearest enemy player.
The use of the White Crow will restore 25% tactical and absolute, and the scanning of the White Crow will return a full tactical charge.
Tactics-Eye of ALL
Reduced the scanning time of the whole body from 3 to 1 s.
Ultimate-Hunting Beast
No longer recharge and does not accelerate the reloading of the tactical skill of Bloodhound.
Launches a white crow, which flies to the nearest enemy.
The murder of the enemy in the Hunting Beast mode also activates the White Crow.

Changes in the 16th season of Mirage in Apex Legends

Passive-now you see me…
Mirage and his ally now remain invisible after the revival for 3 seconds, while the weapons are removed.
Weapon equipment will stop disguise.
Mirage clones
Bamboozles now works only from bullets and close combat.
Deceived enemies now receive a notification to their screen.
Bamboozle marker now tracks the movement of the player Bamboozled.
The duration of the marker Bamboozle icon is increased from 2.5 to 3.5 s.

Changes in the 16th season Pathfinder in Apex Legends

Passive-insider knowledge
The passive advantages of Pathfinder are no longer obtained when scanning Survey Beacon and are now obtained when Care Packages is found using the Skirmisher ability.
Ultimate-Postal gun
The maximum range is increased by about 60%.
The maximum speed is increased by 66%.

  • Adjusting acceleration and exit speed.
  • Improved targeting, including updated visual and sound tips.
  • You can no longer place the end station in JOB zones.

Changes in the 16th season of the Seer in Apex Legends

Passive-heartbeat sensor
The sound from the passive sports ability is now better heard for enemy players.
Activation is now postponed to match the animation of lifting weapons or without weapons.
The lock indication will now be displayed only at the heart rate.
Tactics-focus of attention
No longer shows a complete scan of the body for purposes.
The final is the exhibit
No longer revealed during initiation
Duration is reduced from 30 to 25 s.
To reload time is increased from 120 to 180 s.

Changes in the 16th season Ghost in Apex Legends

Tactics-spatial break
The maximum distance of the portal was doubled (from ~ 76 m to 152 m).
The duration of the portal is reduced from 60 to 45 s.
The ghost now increases speed over time when creating longer portals.

Changes in the 16th season of Horizon in Apex Legends

Tactics-gravitational rise
Increased weapon spread in Gravity Lift.
The vertical speed of Gravity Lift has increased by 10%.

Changes in the 16th season Lifeline in Apex Legends

Tactics-revival in battle
The penalty for the slowdown in Lifeline is reduced during the resurrection of teammates.
Ultimate-Care Service package
Reduced the speed of the prolapse of Care Package from 14 to 8 s.
The Care Package deployment range is increased.
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