– Become a Magic Student in Hogwarts Legacy: Next Step for Harry Potter Fans

With the long-awaited release of Hogwarts Legacy, Harry Potter fans can finally make their childhood dream come true and become a magic student themselves.
An important part of the magical training is currently missing in the game.
Fans therefore want a DLC who catches up with it.

fans want quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy you play a student who is accepted into school for witchcraft and magic.
Unlike Harry Potter, however, you cannot become a quidditch hero in the magical action RPG.


The popular magic sport is currently completely missing.
An announcement by the headmaster Phineas’s Nigel Black serves as an official justification for this, who quickly cancel the annual tournament.
Behind the scenes, the lack of development time should be to blame, because of which Hogwarts Legacy had to be postponed several times.

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The fans on Reddit now want Quidditch to be delivered with a DLC.
According to the user Kilikkok, there are already several clues in the game that indicate a return of the tournament.
Lobbinlobber also notes that the game already includes a lot of what is needed for quidditch.
So there are flying brooms, the balls and even the Quidditch field.
What is missing are of course the game mechanics in order to really play the sport with all its cranky rules (Reddit).
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Quidditch and Wineglass: Fans want more Hogwarts Legacy

You can currently explore the school premises with a flying broom in Hogwarts Legacy, but not play Quidditch.
Bringing the complete sport into play is certainly not a small task.
A larger extension would have to be used for this.
Apart from the much-scouted quidditch, the fans also have a few more suggestions for LCS.
For example, they would like to take part in the Tragic tournament or visit the Wineglass and the Ministry of Magic.

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