7 Relaxing Side Games to Play While Enjoying The Sims, Minecraft and More


Numerous computer game require your concentrated attention and do not allow distractions.
However, there are likewise some video games that do not mind if you handle other things.
Here we reveal you 7 games that are definitely suitable for your second screen.
In many computer games you need to have lots of concentration: You have to be continuously careful, information needs to be found quickly, and your timing must not deviate excessive from expectations.
While video games like Elden Ring or Kingdom Hearts, for example, require your undivided attention with a high level of trouble or an extremely complicated story, other video games do not take it so precisely and give you significantly larger multitasking freedoms.

GTA, FIFA, Minecraft and more: Games for multitasks

Multi-tasking can be very helpful for players in particular situations: Since numerous computer games have gotten longer over the last few years and are attempting to give you a growing number of reasons to invest a lot more time with them, other things are falling by the wayside.
Who has time to invest hundreds of hours in video games in the flood of content and at the same time remain up to date with television series, films, documentaries, podcasts and messages?
Not to mention other activities away from screens.
It is all the much better if games provide you the choice to bet them on the side.

You can tap a little and at the exact same time stream the newest episode of your existing favorite series.
Open World video games such as Assassin’s Creed, GTA or Minecraft are especially suitable for such multitasking, whereby other games such as FIFA can also be played under the right conditions.
In our image series we show you 7 video games here that you can easily play on your second screen.

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