| NFL: Why the Eagles Won the Super Bowl

Who wins the Super Bowl?
There is no other way around Philadelphia this year.
The Kansas City Chiefs are a tough nut and have the best quarterback in the league.
Nevertheless, there are many factors that speak for Philly.
Sure, Kansas City has Patrick Mahomes, the very best quarterback of the league and MVP of the 2022/23 season.
The still a little battered superstar meets a team in the last that will challenge him like no one prior to this season.
Especially Philadelphia’s counterpart to Mahomes, Galen Injures, likewise plays an MVP-worthy season and can even maintain.
Hurts also plagued shoulder problems at the end of the season, however Harms did not appear far as struck in the conference final versus the Cincinnati Bengal.
Mahomes may be the little better playmaker, the issue for him: Harms has the even better colleagues.
All the Eagles is all running together this season.
The explosive mixture of the offending combined with the finest O-line and defensive in the league make the Eagles the title favorite.
In brief: the Eagles have the very best squad of the NFL.
There has actually been a big buzz in the city for weeks- Go Birds can be read everywhere.
The fans brought the eagles in the Super Bowl-and there they will celebrate the second title within 5 years-and possibly tear their own city basically.

outright protector gang prepares headache

The reasons for this:
The offensive line, i.e. the massive protectors around quarterback Galen Harms, are the best in the league.
Lane Johnson, Jordan Malta and Co. give Hurt’s time and area to maximize the ingenious mix of running and throwing.
Sometimes Harms runs, often the running backs get space gains or the throw comes and ends up with AJ Brown, among the best pass receivers of the league.
Only 14 sacks (when the quarterback is tapped from the opponent to the ground) permitted the offensive line this season.


League best.
Thanks to the O-Line, Injures will also conjure up the chiefs of Yards and control the chiefs defensive for Chris Jones.
The running video game, the Running Game of the Eagles, is completely great.
Kansas City has a great and hard defensive, however they had no such efficient running video game to safeguard this season.
The Eagles will not run the chiefs, however will constantly set needles.

harsh tough defense and that fetches the champion

  • The defensive sits.
    Tough, harder, Philly.
    On the D-Line, the football stars keep biting their teeth.
    Hanson Red dick, Josh Sweat, Jason Hargrove and Brandon Graham accomplish top values in the league in sacks and pressure scenarios for the opponent quarters.
    They tore the opposing quarterback 70 times.

The protectors are not kids of sadness, which last likewise had to experience 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy and his substitute Josh Johnson, who had to leave the field in an extremely short time after Red dick tackling.
A genuine quarterback stopper.
There is no simple method to make it through the Eagles.
Coach Nick Giovanni.
He was not designated coach of the year (what makes the fans romp).
The 41-year-old is a clever decision-maker, especially when it pertains to possible fourth downs.
The choice whether you set a 4th effort or prefer to kick the ball back to the challenger.
Here Giovanni really typically makes correct and creative choices, as in the video game versus the 49ers when he put a fourth attempt in the very first drive-shortly afterwards Philly led 7: 0.
Compared to the more conservative play commentator Andy Reid from the Chiefs, this can be a terrific advantage.
Emmanuel Schneider

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