G-Star 2023: Join the Super Early Birds and Enjoy Special Benefits – November 16th

The G-Star Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Committee) announced that it will accept ‘Super Early Bird’ for G-Star 2023 for about a month from February 14 (Tue) to March 16 (Thursday).

Originally, ‘Super Early Birds’ was introduced temporarily for the promotion of ‘site reception’, which is conducted at G-Star site, but ‘on-site reception’ is carried out due to the on-site safety management issue of G-Star 2022.

In addition, on February 14 (Tuesday), which was about two months earlier than last year for the purpose of indirect application of the ‘site reception’ policy to be introduced at G-Star 2023, the application for ‘Super Early Birds’ will be accepted from 11 am on February 14 (Tue).


(Early acceptance April 5 ~, General Registration June 8 ~)

The BTC expansion operation, which was first attempted in G-Star 2022 and successfully evaluated, will be performed in the same in G-Star 2023. Accordingly, the BEX CO first exhibition hall and the third floor of the second exhibition hall are BTC pipes.

At the same time, the Organizing Committee plans to expand the participating additional events and events that visit visitors under thorough safety management plans.
In particular, by increasing the utilization of indoor and outdoor space, not the main exhibition hall, it will naturally induce not only diversification of content but also densely visitors to visitors.

The G-Star 2023, co-hosted by the Korea Game Industry Association (K-Games) and co-hosted by the G-Star Organizing Committee and the Susan Information Industry Promotion Agency, will be held in BEX CO, Susan for four days from November 16 (Thu) to 19 (Sun).

■ Application schedule
ㅇ Application for Super Early Birds 2023.02.14. (Tue), 11:00 ~ 03.16. (Thu), until 16:00
※ Reception details Guide G-Star official website 11:00
※ When exhausting the assigned booth, it may be closed early
ㅇ Application for sponsorship 2023.03.07. (Tue), 11:00 ~
ㅇ Early application 2023.04.05. (Wed), 11:00 ~ 05.24. (Wed), 16:00
※ When exhausting the assigned booth, it may be closed early
ㅇ General application 2023.06.08. (Thu), 11:00 ~ 09.07. (Thu), 16:00
※ In case of early closing, immediate application deadline

■ Duration and place
ㅇ period
[BTC] 2023.11.16. (Thu) ~ 11.19. (Sun), 4 days
[BTB] 2023.11.16. (Thu) ~ 11.18. (Sat), 3 days
ㅇ Place Susan, BEX CO

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