Adorable Small Kemomo – New Wild Hearts Video Showcase

Another new video promoted by Wild Hearts is circulating and offers a look at a less scary example of the monstrous kimono of the game.
As Games originally reported on February 2.
On October 10, the new video offers details about the Rock foil Rabbits.
Robust and hosts of a fur as white as snow, these tiny creatures prefer to hide and avoid predators curling into a ball to appear as if they were snowballs.
If they are in danger, they do not oppose jump as fast as their small legs can take them.
Fortunately, humans do not seem to count among the creatures that the Rock foil Rabbits consider an immediate threat, although they will flee if the player approaches them too close.
They can even have as pets, although chasing them and then keeping them in an enclosure located in the central area of the game.
Beyond that, the game suggests that little white fur kimono can be used to make.

It is not yet clear exactly what parts of them can be used and how often you will need to remove these components of these small well-intentioned creatures.


It is a brief look at one of the many creatures of the game, but it is still a good snapshot of what players can expect.
Not only that, but it offers some comfort to anyone who has been worried about being thrown into a world full of nothing more than big and unpleasant gross.
Those who look forward to the game should take a look below.
Wild Hearts will be launched on February 2.
17 In PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.
To get more information about the game, see any of our related coverage below.
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