2023: 6th Week Brings 15 Unexpected Game Cancellations – Dont Miss Whats Next in January

Not look out, January of the year is over.
In a short time, not looking at it and this was revealed for 15 games, or they have already been closed.
2023 starts with a great deal of video game settings-and even a video game platform has currently bid farewell.
How was your year 2023 up until now?
My January was respectable, because the present February can be more stressful.
In between the local carnival and our campaign Discover Your Next Video Game: Love Edition there is currently little space for other jackets.
However, it didn’t catch me as difficult as the following 15 video games.
All have either currently been discontinued or will no longer get any further assistance in the course of the year.
Some can still be played afterwards, others disappear totally from the marketplace.


For each game we compose a small heel what it is.
The list is also arranged a little by relevance-some games are most likely to appear to you more than others.
Here is the complete list:
1. Marvels Avengers
2. Pinnacle Legends Mobile
3. Battlefield Mobile
4. Bumblebees
5. Spell break
6. Babylon’s case
7. Knockout City
8. Crossfire
9. Fearlessly Default: Dazzling Lights
10. Limelight
11. Death verse: Let it die
12. Dragon Mission the Adventure of Die: A Hero Bonds
13. Echo VR
14. Last Dream VII: The First Soldier
15. Hellfire Methods
16. Perk: Google Stadia

Video gaming cemetery 2023 starts with many settings

  • 1.
    Marvels Avengers
    The stars were not particularly great for the whipping MMO with the popular Marvel superheroes.
    For such a service game, nevertheless, this phase is so important to develop a solid player base.
    There will be official assistance up until September 2023.
    After that, Marvels Avengers can continue to play, however there disappear updates or customer service.
  • 2.
    Peak Legends Mobile
    The mobile branch of the popular Battle Royale closes its doors in May 2023-a year after the release.
    EA describes that the targeted quality could not be achieved.
    The absence of connection to the main game is stated to have contributed.
    Apex Legends Mobile is then no longer playable.
  • 3.
    Battleground Mobile
    The mobile variation of the shooter franchise didn’t even have the opportunity of a release.
    EA discussed the attitude with altered market conditions.
    Here, too, the Battlefield titles wished to strengthen together, and Battlefield Mobile was developed too independently.
    You wish to enhance BF2042 and are currently dealing with brand-new battlefield experiences (by means of EA.com).
  • 4.
    The Fight Royale with physical contact created practically 7 months, but will be ceased at the end of February.
    It was quite fun for some gamers, but was obviously not effective enough for publisher Impressive Games.
    The designers want to bring it back in a various type at some point (through irongalaxystudios.com).
    For the time being, however, it is over, and rumble trucks will no longer be playable.
  • 5.
    Spell break
    A fight royale with colorful and magic graphic.
    The magical method sadly did not activate the destination that would have been necessary for the sequel-spellbreak was switched off and can no longer be played.
    Some banners logged in for a farewell round and talked about possible private servers.
  • 6.
    Babylon’s case
    The action-RPG must be a struck with strong effects and an amazing co-op mode for publisher Square Enix.
    Nevertheless, conceded the title worst PS5 game ever and disappeared from the market for less than a year.
    The servers are closed after completion of February-Babylon’s case will not be playable in the co-op in single gamer mode.
  • 7.
    Knockout City
    The dodgeball action was as soon as a brand-new sports video game for the popular football or NBA games.
    But the gamers didn’t thank the title.
    Despite the excellent evaluations, the video game closes in June 2023 and is no longer offered later on.
  • 8th.
    A Free2Play shooter exclusively for Xbox based on an effective Asian brand?
    An attempt that did not work.
    In May the servers close for the multiplayer material.
    The solo missions in the game remain available.
  • 9.
    Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights
    The spin-off of the popular RPG series Bravely Default was not intended for the German market, however is still another game of publisher Square Enix, which soon closes its doors.
    The service is still running by the end of February, then switch to an offline version.
  • 10.
    Criminal offense
    Lots of tried to copy the success of the surprise hit Among the United States, the majority of them did not make it.
    This likewise consists of limelight.
    The Steam game stays playable till the beginning of May, after which it is gone.
  • 11.
    Death verse: Let it die

An insane battle royale with hack & slay technique that has its fans.
The developers discuss that it would not be completion of the video game, however in mid-July there is an end.
There were huge issues to get the Lags and matchmaking under control.
You would like to return to the market (via deathverse.com) when you have actually cleared this out of the way.
Dragon Mission the Adventure of Die: A Hero Bonds
Oh yes, Square Enix appears to be on diet plan.
The Dragon Quest mobile offshoot closes in April and will then no longer be playable.
Echo VR
Robotic teams fight in weightlessness in a type of football with Frisbees.
All of this also in VR.
The principle might not encourage and so the game ends in early August 2023. Echo VR is then no longer playable.
Last Dream VII: The First Soldier
What would a list of massive Square Enix lack a Final Fantasy?
So the servers of this mobile fight royale likewise went in the universe of Last Dream VII offline.
Last Fantasy VII: The First Soldier has not been played given that January 11th.
Hellfire Strategies
A Free2Play card game with obvious resemblances to the Blizzard hit Hearthstone.
Here is completion of 2023 at the end of February 2023 that it was not possible to place on sufficient players to cover the costs.
Hellfire Techniques is then no longer playable.
Benefit: Google Stadia
The Cloud platform was Google’s greatest advance into the video gaming market and a total flop.
The project was employed after a good 3 years and gamers were partly compensated.

It is currently only possible to hypothesize whether it was ahead of his time, excessive in a too brief time or the market is developing in a different direction.
In any case, this experiment failed on January 18, 2023.
Much to our author Jürgen Horn.
Do you miss a game on the list?
Do you grieve for something?
Leave a comment on the topic.

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