How to Stop Summer Research Tasks From Disappearing in Pokemon Go | Tips to Keep Tasks Visible

Many pokémon go the fans might have observed that the summer research tasks tab does not appear during the attempted visualization in the daily tasks area.


It is on the right of the search tasks that you have and shows your progress in your weekly search pads.
When the players access this page, lots of see the benefits and the daily perks, but not the tasks themselves.
There is a basic service to this problem.
You must reboot the application and close it.
Make sure you require the closure of your smart device to ensure that the program is closing, and you can restart.
You might wish to wait about 20 seconds prior to trying once again to ensure that everything restarts properly.
When you open it, return to the search tab, and you should see the tasks readily available to the left of the search tasks that you have actually gotten from Bakeshops.
Several coaches have actually noted that this might occur frequently about the fight or that friendly obstacles were available.

This could be due to the limited nature of tasks, because they lead to the publication of Pokémon Go Fest 2020, however it might be the code itself.
Anyway, a quick restart is all you need to do, which will probably fix the problem in the future with other special search tasks showed in this area.

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