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Rusted Moss
Develop: Fax doc, HappySquared, Sunny daze // Pubic: Playism
Launch: Spring of 2023
The Independent Playism editor has done well to trust Fax doc, Happyquared and Sunny daze for the development of Rusted Moss.
Although he cannot avoid falling into the tropes of the post-apocalyptic future, this double stick metroidvania (which, curiously, recommends playing with keyboard and mouse) knows how
The moment in which we get it, becomes the central axis of the game.
Rusted Moss will take us to a dystopian future, inspired by English and Nordic popular stories, full of desolate places in which humanity is on the verge of extinction.


Fern, our changing character, will have to embark on a mission to return fairy to the world and end the era of humans, a trip that will lead us to tour the moors of the game in search of the power of Titania.
Doing is especially satisfactory;
It has a solid and careful platform, greatly designed fighting that they play with the maximum range of our weapons and a level design at the height of the demands in its kind.

Now, he said, each of these facets of the game, even shining on his own, look much more when the hook comes into action.
In general, this ability can be launched against areas with moss that are on the walls or roofs, and launch it at the right time will allow us to take the inertia to reach very high places that we could not reach without it.
The hook, far from being something rigid that attracts us in a straight line towards our goal, is soft, volatile and fluid;
Thanks to him, moving through a world as hostile as Rusted Moss becomes a small gift for those who are lucky enough to hold in command at that time, and there are suitable screens to jump without stopping while we defeat our enemies (in
One of the demo rooms, in fact, we will have to fight against a few robots while we are paying ourselves without stopping, one of the best screens than seen so far).
However, it is on the pure platform where the whole game is removed from this tool: if we explore enough, we can find challenging and fantastic levels of climbing in the style of Getting Over It (not only because of the way of climbing, but also by
The frustration that implies losing much of the progress with any minimum failure), some screens measured to the millimeter, with pleasure and intelligence, which at the moment remain well above the rest of the aspects.
Taking into account the remarkable of all its facets, talking about the hook in these terms is not arbitrary or unfortunate, but a sign of its own identity achieved by full right.
It can’t be much to explore the whole world of Rusted Moss, and here there is already one to the tail to squeeze everything that their stimulants screens have to offer.

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