Cosplay Ellie from The Last of Us 2 and Learn How to Conquer Evil with Costume and Photoshop

With HBO’s last-of-us series, the Naughty Pet dog brand name has once again brought in a great deal of attention.
Accordingly, it is presently not unexpected to see many cosplay about characters like Ellie.

In the past, we have currently reported a variety of excellent applications of the figure.
Both for the very first part and the Last of the United States 2, the Cosplay neighborhood constantly understands how to impress with imagination and a heart for information.
A brand-new project at Reddit is currently speaking about a new project.

The Last of the United States 2 as motivation

The cosplayer Nora fawn is accountable for the implementation.
She recently shared her job in the Cosplay Subreddit and was able to eagerly anticipate a great deal of positive far.
And this is anything however unexpected in view of the quality of your work.
Not only outfit and cosmetics are reminiscent of Ellie, but also the face and hairdo of the Reddit user.
According to their details, Photoshop was used for some information.
This combination ensures that it might be a screenshot from the 2nd part.
From time to time we report on projects that shine both through excellent outfit work and the reliable usage of Photoshop and Co. The Nora fawn cosplay can now also be counted to this canon.

Other cosplay worth seeing

Beyond The Last of Us, there were likewise some cosplay worth seeing in 2023.


In addition to Princess Zelda, Ally from the Horizon games or Rates from God of War, we may have remembered the best Malaria cosplay ever.
The one in charge opponent from Elden Ring has been on our site since the release of the title.
Source: Reddit (R/Cosplay).
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