2023 Biathlon World Cup: Controversy over New Rule Sparks Debate

A modification in the guidelines of the world biathlon association caused enjoyment and criticism at the World Cup in Oberon.
It has never been explained by this way!!! It is outrageous. The IBM needs to make a self-examination, said Norway’s men’s coach Siegfried Maze ton Thursday.
What happened?
Prior to the female’s sprint, the IBM had announced on Friday that more beginning locations per nation is possible due to a brand-new rule adopted in summer.
Some associations, consisting of leading nations such as Sweden and Norway, had actually analyzed the rule differently than the IBM and to their downside.

Germany in both females and guys with 5 starting locations

The rules are so that, in addition to the fundamental number of 4 Pro Nations, it mentions the fact that a fifth starter is possible if the particular country has athletes within the top 15 of the total World Cup, said sports director Biathlon, Felix Bitter ling, after the statement of the
German team.
That is why tomorrow a quintet with Denise Herrmann-Wick, Vanessa Vogt, Hanna Singer, Janina Hettich-Walz and Sophia Schneider will only be four beginning locations.
It will likewise be 5 for guys on Saturday.

This guideline is so new that we and many other countries have actually not yet understood them.

Johannes Lukas
If you have the safeguarding champ or the Olympic champion in its ranks, there can be a maximum of 6 places.
That would have been the case with the Swedish men, but who only send five into the race in the sprint.
This rule is so brand-new that we and lots of other nations have not yet known them, stated German head coach Johannes Lukas.
And no one understood the rule like the IBM.
Due to the fact that there was a team in the IBM Cup in Obertilliach, the Swedes are now preventing nomination and thus a starting location for fear of infection on the planet Cup group.

especially bitter for Norway’s Andersen

The groups have to know the guidelines and if they have any questions, they need to concern us. But we will gain from it in order to make it much better in the future, IBM head Christian Winkler told the Swedish broadcaster SVT.
The Norwegians are now bringing 2 professional athletes to Thuringia in a Hayrick project.
It is bitter for Filip Field Andersen.
The Norwegian left from Oberon on Tuesday due to an infection with the Coronavirus.


He had obviously contaminated himself in Obertilliach the previous week.
If his association had analyzed the rule properly, he would not have been there, but at the A group.
Why do you come with these details a day prior to the race? When you have communicated about something else all season? Andersen composed on Twitter.

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