Week 3 of the Latin American League: Estral Takes the Undefeated to Movistar R7 – A Day That Defines First Place!

The number 3 of the Latin American League begins with great duels in the day, after seeing two squads dominating on this occasion one of them will lose the undefeated being the confrontation of the Eagles against the rainbow the most striking of the day, on the other
Side The Green wave faces the Aces team, without a doubt this day will be full of emotions in the crack.

The wave that undoes the ace under the sleeve

Starting with a Six Karma against Team AZE that looks very good for the green wave that takes the front in the first minutes thanks to the Rye de Cody who does a good job in the central part, however, the reaction of the Cases was
Quite good to tie the situation but 6k’s strength would be the one that would be imposed to take the first game.
In the second departure the aggressiveness of the green wave was present in Snake who manages
The opposites to be able to take the victory on their side with a 2-0.

reigning from the top with great force

For the second duel we have Movistar R7 before Astral in a confrontation that defines what squad he keeps the first place in the table, the Eagles team takes the lead making a big difference with Same who makes a great sample of how to use how to use
Lucian aggressively in each of the clashes being quite lethal letting the first point be on his side.
In the second game the duel looks more even for each of the squads that play in a quieter but Takeover way would be the one who takes the initiative to make a difference with their Alkali to be able to stop the rivals on several occasions with good use
of his final to erase the rivals creating the opportunity that Astral needed to take the series.
After two very even meetings we have very interesting results that accommodate the table differently, with an astral team that manages to take the 2-0 to be crowned with the tip of the tournament being the most dominant squad so far, on the other hand the team
Six Karma manages to sneak in second place in the table with great performance, the games of date two paint to be equally intense as those of this day.

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