Unraveling the Mystery: Can Learning the Unforgivable Curses Alter the Course of Hogwarts Legacy?

You can learn the three unforgivable curses in Hogwarts Legacy.
They are, crucial, imperious and advanced Cedar.


In addition, you can apply them in combat, easily dealing with your enemies.
Will Professor Fig be proud of you if you find out?
Will the school principal take action?
Will friends abandon you for not enjoying your way?
Understand how the dark arts affect your gameplay.

Dark arts affect history in Hogwarts Legacy?

Learning the three unforgivable curses in Hogwarts Legacy does not affect the story of the game at all.
You can still have the good end, like a hero, even though you kill everyone in your way with Add Cedar.

All curses are learned in secondary quests, from Sebastian Sallow and their history are more interconnected, so they do not interfere with the main plot.
You can still be a bad wizard, even if you don’t learn any of the three.
They generate no consequence in gameplay or characters treatment against you.
The only difference is that they are a hand on the wheel in combat, as you can exterminate powerful enemies at once.

What changes the end of Hogwarts Legacy?

The only choices that change the end of the game are made at a decisive moment in the last battle.
Based on this you will have a good or bad ending.
None of the dialogues you have before that will affect the main story.
There are a few dialogues in secondary quests that modem change the course of these quests itself, such as choosing to learn, or not, some unforgivable curse.
Be kind, ask for a reward, thus increasing the amount of money you receive, but that’s all.
This is not a game with many significant choices, and it is common that regardless of the dialogue you choose the story proceeds the same way, just with a different speech from some character.

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