How to Download the Demo of Sea of Stars – 3 Years in the Making!

Almost three years have passed since the prequel of The Messenger, Sea of Stars, was announced and the anticipation is at its highest point for many.
After some delays, its specific launch is getting closer and closer, and to retain fans for a little more time, a demonstration was launched, which gives the players an advance of what comes next from Sabotage Studio.
If you have problems finding it, you are not the only one, but do not fear;
This is what you need to know about how to find and download Sea de Stars.

downloading Sea de Stars demo

Image source: Nintendo through
Finding and downloading Sea de Stars demonstration is relatively simple, and has one of two options to do so.
Keep in mind;
This only applies to Nintendo Switch players, since the demonstration is not yet available on other platforms.
Go to the Nintendo Shop site, seek it of stars and download the demonstration.
In your switch, go to Nintendo Shop.
Once you are in the store, look for Sea of Stars, click on your position marker and the download demonstration will be present on the right side of your screen, above the desire list option.
Sea of Stars is the next prequel of The Messenger and follows the story of two heroes who use the power of the sun and the moon to defeat an alchemist.


Unlike The Messenger, Sea of Stars adopts an RPG game style in turns, since Sabotage Studio was aimed at creating a different type of title this time.
Wait a rich history, many fighting and a whole world of activities to participate when it is of Stars is launched in 2023.

That is all you need to know about how to find and download Sea de Stars.
If you are looking for more information about this title, continue moving to our related section below!
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