FC Nürnbergs DFL Penalty: Will Postponement be Enough?

The 1. FC Nuremberg might earn practically 1.7 million euros on premiums alone if he had actually moved into the DFB Cup quarter-finals this Wednesday evening (6 p.m., Live! At ) Fortuna Düsseldorf.
Money that the clammy 2nd division team might use well.
Because in addition to the existing sporting concerns, financial needs are understood to press the franc’s mind.
In addition to Welder Bremen, the club is one of 2 clubs from the 36 members of the German Football League DFL, which might strike a sanction of breaking equity requirements.


Or have the FCN improved?
I remain in great spirits that we don’t need to spend for it, CFO Niels Ross ow was priced estimate in a regional talent group in mid-January.
Soon afterwards, the Nuremberg News reported that the DFL presumably agreed with the new figures from Nuremberg.
On demand, however, the league association is covered.
By the way, 1. FC Nuremberg.
The league needs to pick the matter by March 15th.
In any case, the possibilities of correction and therefore the bypass of around 0.5 million euros high penalty would definitely exist.
With unscheduled transfer income, for example-the FCN, however, did not offer a professional in the winter transfer window.

Another choice describes the licensing regulations of the DFL: For the purpose of compliance with this requirement, the equity may include subordinate loans, which in the following twelve months are thought about secondary to all other liabilities and are interestless.
The rumor continues that the FCN should have used exactly this possibility.
According to this, a loan of a regional business owner in the middle, seven-digit range is said to have been secondary.
The business of the entrepreneur did not respond to a request, the FCN does not comment as mentioned.

only sporting success offers a remedy

The club would not truly fix its financial issues, however the subject would just be postponed.
Only sporting success and therefore a boost in media income or a boost in income from the recently launched self-marketing might remedy the circumstance.
For the latter, however, the association just taped a loan, which he secured with part of the home on the Valznerweiher.
The liabilities of the 2nd department group now amount to 18.7 million euros, plus another 7 million euros from the Vermögensverwaltungs-GmbH & Co.
KG. As of June 30, 2022, mind you.
And: The unfavorable equity capital was 5.9 million euros on June 30, 2022.

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