Exploring the Curse of Krutitus: An In-Depth Guide to the Unforgivable Curse in the Hogwarts Heritage

The curse of Fruits is one of the unforgivable curses that you can study in the Hogwarts heritage.
It is also one of many ways to become evil in the game.
Crucial allows you to torment your victim.
This is the first unforgivable curse that you will learn in the Hogwarts heritage.
If you impose a curse on the enemy Cruciate or Crucial, this will bring him a huge pain and physical suffering, accompanied by irreversible damage.
If a person is subjected to this curse for a long period, suffering becomes so unbearable that the mind surrenders, and the victim eventually goes crazy.

The most famous example of this is Frank Longboat, the father of Neville Long bottom, who has gone crazy because of this curse imposed on him by 4 Death Eaters.
Given the severity of the consequences of this curse, its use was forbidden, and anyone who was caught on the use of the curse was sent to Azkaban prison in order to conduct the rest of their lives, subjected to torture of death eaters.
However, there is no morality in the game, so you will not have to be afraid to be Azkaban sent to prison and torture the deaths of death during the Hogwarts Heritage of Ratio.

How to unlock the curse of Krucucitus in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts’s Heritage, you will meet a student of Hogwarts named Sebastian Sallow from the House of Slytherin.
He will be the one who will teach you the curse of Fruits, since he is deeply interested in dark arts.
He has his own quest line in Hogwarts’s Heritage, and his interest in the forbidden and forgotten knowledge is fed by the hope of finding a medicine for his sister-twin sister.
Sebastian will help you study the unforgivable curse of Fruits, but first you need to perform the main quest and reach the 16th level.
In the quest chain of Sebastian Sallow you will enter the side quest.
In the shadow of the cabinet where your main goal will find out what happened to the Fortuna Got.
Together with Minis Got, you will enter the Slytherin Skriptorium, where you will encounter a door that can only be opened with the help of a curse of Cruciate.
Now you will be offered a choice of dialogue.


Either you can ask Sebastian Sallow to open the door, because he already knows the curse of Fruits, or you can ask him to teach you this.
After you choose your answer and ask Sebastian to teach you, he will do it, and this will allow you to use the curse at any time in the game.
You must be careful, talking with Sebastian, because if you do not ask him to teach you curses Fruits, you will not recognize him.

How to improve the curse of Krucucitus in the Ho tarts Heritage

Hogwarts’s heritage has five special categories of talents: the main talent, talent of spells, talent of dark arts, talent for secrecy and talent of the requirements room.
Of these five talents, preferring the talent of dark arts will improve your Ratio forces, which will lead to strong torture of the victim.
You can also switch to the talent of the Hogwarts Master of Hogwarts Rubio, who strengthens your curse Calculus to such an extent that anyone standing next to your victim also receives a curse.
You must reach the 16th level in dark arts in order to reveal this talent.

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