Fast And Furious 5: The Explosive New Trailer Arrives – Get Ready For The Next Epic Installment!

These days have been quite iconic for the fast and furious franchise, and that is because we are very close to the next progress of the new production that is yet to reach cinemas.


And for that, compilations of each tape have been released, thus being the fifth chapter that is reminding us with a lot of nostalgia.
In this video we are emphasized that this is a countdown to reach the tenth place of movies, which is unknown if it will be the last installment of its entire history or if there will be a restart for the new generations.
And, the first official glance towards the film is next February 10, to have its premiere later in the year.
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For now, this is the only Fast X synopsis:

Fast X is an American action film directed by Louis Le terrier and written by Justin Lin and Dan Maze.

It is the sequel of F9, which acts as the tenth main delivery and the eleventh feature film of the Fast & Furious franchise.
Remember that the film opens on May 19.
Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: This franchise has lasted a long time, even little more than Marvel’s own universe, and it seems that fans have not tired despite having many deliveries.
Anyway, it will surely break in ticket offices due to its popularity.

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