Unlocking The World Of Roblox With All The Doors Codes You Need (February 2023)

Apparently out of nowhere, Doors has broken into Roblox and has conquered the world.
Not only famous streamers transmit it, but tons of players are playing it at this time.
Yes, the first person horror game is causing a sensation in the Roblox community.
If you are here, you are probably wondering that all Doors codes in Roblox are currently to help you get some gifts.
With that in mind, then, let’s start, okay?

All Roblox doors codes (active)

Here are all the active Roblox doors such as-of-Codigos 2/2/2023:
I’m sorry for the delay-this code for 100 knobs and 1 revive (new)
One billion visits-this code for 100 knobs, 1 revive and 1 boost
Screecchucks-I redeem this code for 50 knobs

Roblox doors codes (expired)

The following codes no longer work in Roblox Doors:
Pasture this Code for 50 KNOBS
Look behind yours-exchange the code for 10 knobs and a revived
Test-Card the Code for a KNOB
500MVISITAS-Ret the code per 100 knobs and a revived
100mvisitas-I exchange the code per 100 knobs and a revived

How to exchange codes in Roblox Doors

Fortunately, it is quite simple to claim your free rewards in Roblox Doors.
First, touch the icon buy to the left of the screen, as shown below:
Image source: Roblox Corporation through
Next, click on the field Enter the code here at the top of the screen and carefully write the specific code you want to exchange.
Note that you must write the exact code as it appears in the previous list to unlock the gift.
Image source: Roblox Corporation through

All the achievements and badges of Doors

In Roblox Doors, there are 42 achievements, 41 of which can be achieved, while 42 can only be achieved if it was a quality control tester.
Here is the complete list:
???: also known as A-1000.
It reaches the end of The Rooms.
All resolved: use a crucifix against the figure.

  • Among the dead: Relive yourself.
  • Return on the track: room escape.
  • Betrayal: steals a hiding place of someone just before he dies.
  • Friends System: Play a career with a friend.
  • DECIDE: Enter the rooms.
  • Error: Meeting with the Glitch.
  • Eviction notification: be expelled from a hiding place by Hide.
  • Evil is gone: use a crucifix successfully.
  • Expert Technician: Complete the hotel puzzle in less than a minute without any error.
  • Irides grass: Find and use a green herb.


  • Hundreds of many: find your hundredth death.
  • I hate you: Use a crucifix against Screech.
  • In sight: hide from an entity deviating out of sight.
  • Interconnected: preserves an object in a crack.
  • I see you: Dodge Screech’s attack.
  • Look back: encounter with the void.
  • Join the group: Join the SPLASH group (it comes with a free revival)
  • Look at me: survive the eyes
  • Meet Jack: Meeting with Jack.
  • Know Timothy: Find Timothy while looting.
  • One of many: tell your first death.
  • Out of my way: Rush survives successfully.
  • mocked: Use a crucifix against Dupe.
  • Please donate.
    Fill Jeff’s tips jar.
  • Quality control tests: a hidden achievement.
    Canal testing things.
  • Rebound: survive the ambush.
  • Low point: hotel escape.
  • SSH!: Library escape at the hotel.
  • Out of my way: use a crucifix against Rush.
  • Supporting small businesses: Buy a Jeff article.
  • Take a break: use a crucifix against Seek.
  • Ten of many: find your tenth death.
  • Two steps forward: Use a crucifix against Halt.
  • Two steps forward: Survive stop.
  • Without consolidating: use a crucifix against ambush.
  • Welcome: Join for the first time.
  • Welcome again: Join another day.
  • Wrong living room: let Dupe cheat.
  • You can run: run successfully from Seek.
  • You can’t see me: use a crucifix against the eyes.

All doors entities in the new update

A total of six new entities were added in the new Doors update, three of which are friendly, two that are not and one that is neutral.
Here is a summary of what they are:

The Goblin

This little one, the Goblin, is one of the three friendly entities that you can find in Doors.
You will find him hanging out in Jeff’s store, and you can even talk to him.


Dupe is a misleading entity considering that he disguises himself as a door with a number, which of course you will want to avoid.
To do so, pay close attention to the last door you went through.
If it was, say, 35, then obviously the one next door is 36, in which case Dupe will appear as 37 or 38. Do you observe how the numbers jump?
It is Dupe trying to deceive you, so keep your eyes wide open at the hotel.


Another entity like the Goblin and Bob, is friendly!
In fact, you have a store where you can buy items at the door 52. If you find your store, be sure to grab the crucifix given how useful entities for a short time.


The void is, well, avoid;
It does not have a tangible form.
The void is essentially neutral, neither hostile nor friendly, but it can be useful without realizing it.
If you and your friends get too far away from each other, Void simply will teleport it back to them without causing harm.


Every time you meet The Greenhouse, and the hotel, you have entered Snare’s domain, a small green entity with the ability to catch.
The trick for this entity is to have a light source on you, so you can see Snare on the ground and avoid it unless you want to get caught for several seconds.


A spooky skeleton, old but friendly;
Bob not long ago.
That said, if you interact with him, he will kill you.
There is no achievement for that, so don’t bother.
There you have it.
We hope this has helped give a clue on all Doors codes in Roblox.
To get more information about Roblox, here it is explained how to execute Doors, as well as a detailed list of all adopt me.
Alternatively, feel free to navigate the relevant links below.
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