Sims 4 Infants: Everything You Need To Know About The Exciting New Update!

In March, Maxis and Electronic Arts finally meet one of the best dreams in the community: the Sims 4 gets infants.
We summarize what the new age group is dealing with, how it works and when it enters play.

When does the update appear with the infants?

On March 14, 2023, a complimentary update for the Sims 4. The family can also broaden with infants in a couple of weeks if you already have the basic game or download thanks to the switch to Free2Play.

Just what are infants?

The question sounds ridiculous, however in the case of the Sims 4 it is not so incorrect.
Because the infants are a brand-new age group that organizes between the child (newborn) and the toddler.
The order then emerges as follows (the life expectancy depends upon the attitude made):.
1. Baby.
2. Infant brand-new.
3. toddler.
4. Kid.
5. Teen.


  1. Young adults.
  2. Adults.
  3. Senior in.
    Infants have their own animations.
    Since they only have to broaden their motor skills, they move much more uncoordinated.
    In addition, they shout, scream and weep quite adorable.

This is how infants operate in Sims 4.

While the functions with infants are really limited, the new stage of life of the somewhat older infants allows a lot more interactions.
Unlike infants that are more things than interactive Sims, infants can be produced and totally adjusted in first-one-SIM mode.
This impacts, amongst other things, clothe, devices and hairstyles, but likewise teeth and birthmarks.
In addition, infants have character traits.
A few interaction examples for live mode:.
We can provide you the bottle, breastfeed, feed it in the high seat and have a peasant.
They can not only be kept while sitting and walking, however likewise provided by one Sim to the other.
We can bathe them in the bathtub.
Other Sims can play with them or how to deal with toys alone.
Interactions with cats and canines are even possible.

exists still an extra infant DLC?

It has not yet been confirmed, however the upcoming Meet the Family growth recommends that it concentrates on household life with an infant.
It might be that we receive even more choices and material for the age group, offered we pay for it.

We will discover out on February second.

infants in action.

The infants were presented in more information on January 31 in the very first Behind The Sims Stream.
You can look at the area here (from 14:34) once again:.
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Other Sims concerns were attended to throughout the stream.
On the one hand, the Sims 5 (Job Rene) was discussed.
You can find all information about the next Sims part in our Sims 5 summary.
On the other hand, if you desire to understand how the Sims 4 would go on in 2023, look in our roadmap posts for the Sims 4.
There we keep you as much as date on upcoming extensions and essential updates.
What do you say about the infants?

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