BVB Goes Dark Again: The Pitch Black Coal and Steel Special Jersey Is Coming Back!

With its pitch black coal and steel unique jersey, BVB activated a genuine buzz in December 2019.
The Jersey, which was only offered in strictly restricted numbers, taken pleasure in cult status directly and was resold for numerous hundred euros.
Now there should be a 2nd variation of the cult jersey.
As mentioned in a report by the Ruhr Nachrichten, Borussia Dortmund desires to bring a special jersey onto the market again, which is almost entirely in black in color.
Just the club symbol, the main sponsor, the sleeve sponsor and the provider are stated to be stopped in a dark gray tone.


The very first leakages of the supposed New Jersey style have also been circulating on social media considering that Wednesday.

According to the paper report, the date is already repaired when the special jersey should come onto the market.
Appropriately, BVB is preparing to sell the black shirt around the Bundesliga home video game versus Bertha BSC, which is set up on February 19 (5:30 p.m.).

bigger edition of the special BVB

In contrast to the coal and steel jersey of over three years back, this time a higher number should enter into totally free sale.
At that time, just 9009 copies of the unique jersey were sold.
In the fan scene, the Being zen aroused terrific desires.
With big online auction houses, prices of 300 euros and more were attained with more sales of the jerseys.
The big success of the first version of the all-black jersey now apparently prompted the BVB marketing strategists to be a new edition of the black jersey style.
As the report says, the presentation and sale of the special jersey ought to be begun together with a campaign that will handle the Dortmund city history.
No additional details are understood.

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