FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: How Many Future Stars Swaps Tokens Are Up For Grabs?

The Future Stars Swap campaign is officially live!

Much like with Icon Swaps, the better the reward, the more Swaps Tokens are required to open it.

Discover out how numerous Future Stars Swaps Tokens will be made available to unlock below.

Along with the Team of the Year (TONY) promo in FIFA 23 Ultimate Group, EA has introduced the Future Stars Swaps program, giving FUT players the possibility to unlock some awesome rewards.

How numerous Swaps Tokens are there?

EA has actually confirmed how lots of Future Stars Swaps Tokens will be made offered via an on-screen Ultimate Team message, as seen listed below.

The message from EA checks out as follows:

Listed Below List Price Stock has new listings in below list price difficult to find and unique release tennis shoes!

You can make approximately 30 Future Stars Swaps Tokens every single day in-game from now until the program ends on Feb 16th. By reading this message, you have earned your very first Future Stars Swaps token.

The wording message is slightly misleading, as it suggests you will be able to earn 30 Swaps Tokens per day. However, this is not the case.



30 Future Stars Swaps Tokens will be up for grabs throughout the whole promotional project.

The reward which requires the most Swaps Tokens is the Prime Icon Player Pick (among three), which will require 27 Tokens.

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