SC Paderborn vs. VfB Stuttgart: The DFB Cup Round of 16 Live Ticker


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Tore |
Setup Paderborn |
Hoffman, Hewer, Hünemeier-Humphreys, Ruhr, Just van, Later, Challenger, Obermair-Pieringer
Setup Stuttgart |
F. Müller-Anton, Madroños, ITO, Vagnoman-Karazor, Marta, W. End, Para, Führich-Guirassy
Yellow cards |

The SC Paderborn meets VfB Stuttgart today as part of the DFB Cup round of 16
Here you can follow the encounter in the live ticker
The SC Paderborn and VfB Stuttgart are defending development in the DFB Cup in today’s round of 16
Who gets a quarter-final ticket?
You can find out in the Live ticker from SPOT

SC Paderborn-VfB Stuttgart

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SC Paderborn vs. VfB Stuttgart: DFB Cup round of 16

Before the start: After a long break, the DFB Cup will lastly continue once again today
The 2nd department group SC Paderborn and Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart start in the round of 16
In the course of the tournament, Paderborn already defeated a very first department team in Bremen in the 2nd round in the penalty shootout
The Swabians had considerably fewer problems to relocate to the round of 16
Versus Armenia Bielefeld you won 6: 0
Prior to the start: The encounter will kick off at 6 p.m. The game is played in the house luxurious arena in Paderborn
Before the start: Hello and welcome to the DFB Cup round of amazing in between SC Paderborn and VfB Stuttgart

SC Paderborn vs. VfB Stuttgart: DFB Cup round of 16 on television and livestream today

The game is relayed today on Pay television and in the paid live stream from Sky
The broadcasters Sky Sport Top Event and Sky Sport Mix are utilized for this, where the transmission begins at 5:45 p.m
Wolff Difficulty is utilized as an analyst
If you want to access the live stream, you require either a Sky go subscription or Wow
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SC Paderborn vs. VfB Stuttgart: DFB Cup round of 16 today on TV and Livestream-pre-provisions

  • Paderborn: Them
    Hoffman, this year, TOB
    Müller-Schallenberg, Klefisch-Justvan, Later, Muslim, Overhears
    Cont eh
  • Stuttgart: F. Müller-Anton, Madroños, ITO, Vagnoman-Karazor-Nartey, W. Endo-Silas, Leading Grassy

DFB Cup: Introduction of the round of 16

Date |
Time |
Home |
31 \
January 2023:6 p.m. |
SC Paderborn |
VfB Stuttgart
31 \
January 2023 |
8:45 p.m. |
Union Berlin |
VFL Wolfsburg
1 \
February 2023:6 p.m. |
RB Leipzig |
TSG Cofferdam
1 \
February 2023 |
8:45 p.m. |
Mainz 05 |
FC Bayern Munich
7 \
February 2023:6 p.m. |
SV Tannhauser |
Sc Freiburg
7 \
February 2023 |
8:45 p.m. |
Eintracht Frankfurt |
SV Darmstadt
8th \
February 2023:6 p.m. |
1 \
FC Nuremberg |
Fortuna Düsseldorf
8th \
February 2023 |
8:45 p.m. |
VFL Bochum |
Borussia Dortmund.

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