Model Surprises Chainsaw Man with Himeno Cosplay: See the Incredible Photos Here

Chainsaw Man’s anime has become one of the most beloved of today, that is because he has characters that have remained in the minds of all those who have not seen it.

And while the first season has come to an end, fanaticism is not over, something that has been demonstrated in the form of artists who do cosplay.
One of the people who does not want to let the fever for anime go is the model known as @MIRUQI, who has made a new cosplay in Tribute to Limeño, an iconic character of the work.
His photographs have shared them through the social network of images, leaving stunned fans with the resemblance he has with the work.


Here are the photos:
For now many fans are waiting for the second season of Chainsaw Man, since the animation is being first level, something that equals others such as One Piece himself.
And since the work has not been censored much compared to the publication of manga, everyone is likely to be renewing the animation soon.
Remember that you can see this program in Crunchyroll.
Via: Instagram
Editor’s note: The world of cosplay is getting bigger, in fact it is already a business that gives people to live.
So it is likely not the only time we see an emulation of hymen.

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