Crash Bandicoot Game Shutting Down Soon, Will No Longer be Playable.

Fans of the Crash Bandicoot game franchise are in for some disappointing news this week. Just a few months after the release of Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!, the free mobile game based on the iconic PlayStation character, an announcement came that it will soon no longer be playable. Find out more about why the game is shutting down and what this means for players in this article.


This regretfully isn’t that uncommon with free-to-play games and mobile games in general, so while it’ll be a dissatisfaction to Crash Bandicoot fans who were still playing the game, it may not be a surprise to others. Nintendo’s Regalia Lost, for instance, took pleasure in a longer tenure than Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! Did, but it, too, was closed down after being playable for a few years much to the dismay of those who still took pleasure in the original video game.

One intense area for Crash fans is that there’s still another brand-new Crash Bandicoot video game on the method. It’s called Crash Team Rumble, and based on what was revealed throughout The Game Awards this year, the video game will be out in 2023.

From December 19, 2022, all in-app purchases will be turned off. For any purchases made, you will have up until February 16, 2023, to make usage of associated purple crystals in-game, the upgrade from the game’s developers stated.

The statement was shared on the video game’s Facebook page with the dates set and details of the shutdown supplied. We’ll likely see a reminder or 2 shared on this page, too, as the date draws nearer, but the page is already directing players towards the official Crash Bandicoot account for anything else related to the brand.

It has suggested so much to bring your favorite Crash characters to life, and we have actually genuinely liked making this video game. Thank you for spending your time with us, and we hope you will join us in among our lots of other video games.

A Crash Bandicoot video game that just launched in 2021 is currently being shut down and will no longer be playable soon, an announcement shared today confirmed. The Crash Bandicoot team stated on Monday that Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!, the free mobile game released in March 2021, will be calling it gives up on February 16, 2023. Purchases have actually currently been switched off in anticipation of completion of service, and when the date happens, the game will no longer be playable at all.

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