Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Two new Kings of Teracrystal Raid take place in December; See dates

Christmas is coming and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet developers have decided to pamper players with not just one, but two special races for the end of the year.
The perfect opportunity to obtain exclusive Pokémon with exclusive Term type.
The highlights of the time, after Levee and Harvard, are Cinderace-that makes his debut in the ninth generation and deli ed.


Races of Teracrystal for Cinder ace and Deli ed

Cinder ace will appear in the seven star king with the Term Fighting type and accompanied by Mightiest Mark.
Players will only be able to get a cinder ace by Save, but they can face the challenge of the made as many times as they want.

Deli ed, on the other hand, can have any type Term and can be captured as many times as the player wants.

When and how to participate in the event of Cinder ace and Deli ed

First it is important to know that these two events will not occur at the same time, so if you want to get one of these lovely Pokémon check out the dates and schedules in detail:
You can try your luck in the King of Deli ed from Friday, December 23, from 1h00, until December 26.
Only three days to capture this iconic festive year-end Pokémon.
Cinder ace will be available from Friday, December 30 to 1h and January 2 to 0:59, and will return a little later from January 13 to 1h and 16 January to 0:59.
Two opportunities to capture this Pokémon.
To participate in the event, of course you need to have unlocked the Poképortal.
Similarly, you will need to have advanced enough in the history of the game in order to access the highest level king.
If you have not yet unlocked these two resources, do not panic, as it will take less than two hours, even taking a long time to complete the missions of the story to get them.
It is also important to note that you can use the Multiplayer Reid feature even without having a paid signature from Nintendo Switch online so as not to miss the event.

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