This Cosplay From Elden Ring Will Be Happy To Accompany You Through The Intermediate Country.

What’s better than a cosplay with a lot of personality? We love this cosplay from Elden Ring with an awesome name, Melina. She’s got a cool design and while she might not be the most personable character, she will always be ready to accompany you through the intermediate country.

From software masterpiece Elden Ring was able to clean up this year’s game awards, in addition to the award for the best video game of the year, it also received the price of the most championshipest game 2022. Just recently did the makers likewise discuss why the mentally Dark sol’s follower is so depressed.
A crucial protagonist and at the very same time fan favorite is Melina and a cosplay has now appeared for this figure.


The Reddit user Sakuraspectre has released a photo of her Cosplay by Melina from Elden Ring on the platform.
The elaborate eye makeup right away sticks out.
She wears a yellow contact lens on the right and her left eye is even completely glued, simply like the template.

In addition, the girl wears a basic linen seeker.

Who is Melina from Elden Ring?

Melina is one of the primary characters and crucial figures in Elden Ring.
On her journey through the intermediate nation, the gamer meets the strange finger young boy once again and again.
And although it is nearly the only buddy is extremely unfamiliar about her.
There are various theories about the background of the mystical woman.


Melina is also extremely important apart from history, not just leaves the player a mount, however can also be called up as capable support for essential story manager fights.

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