Nexon Addresses The Issues With Their New Wizard Character Corn And Rolls Out A Fix

Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) updated the new wizard character, Corn, on the 15th at its online action RPG Making Heroes.

CERN is a wizard character wrapped in a veil called the witch of dawn.
It is characterized by using weapons orbit in the form of magic beads to use the rune magic freely, and it is possible to spend a gorgeous and powerful magic attack by consuming MANA to induce orbit overload and release more powerful magic.

The main attack skill uses the quota Evidence, which releases Orbit’s horsepower to the ground and attacks a wide range of attacks, and a crescent Nova, which blows a continuous attack by blowing orbit like a bow, and a celestial, time and space that draws the damage by pulling the enemy to amplify the damage.
It has an apocalypse that twisted and causes fatal damage.
Private equipment uses Mania KEA and Shine Stanza, which focus on CERN’s movement and maneuverability.


Nixon will hold a winter golden time event until February 16, to commemorate the New Mayoungjeon new character Corn.
Experiences, APs, professional skill skills, and production speed buff effects are provided when the battle is completed during the event period.

During the same period, if you complete the mission of the mission, complete the general battle of level 30 or more, the Manuel Battle Arena victory/draw, and the 10th floor of the struggle, you will receive a golden time coupon, and every 40 coupons are unknown.
One of the 27 items can be selected by selecting a box, a sculpture of the struggle, two-step acquisition box, a rune box for reinforcement of the +13 resurrection, and a rune in premium reinforcement.
In addition, one additional bonus coin can be obtained when the exchanged items are released, and the bonus coin is a maximum +15 reinforcement exchange coupon box, a maximum +20 accessories reinforcement coupon box, a runner of reinforcement of the +14 resurrection, unlimited inner armor
It can be exchanged for free exchange coupons and unlimited hair free exchange coupons.

At the same time, it will hold a leveling climbing event until January 19th and present various items.
When creating a new character or access to level 30 or less, various growth items and the next stage box will be provided with the next stage box.
The next stage box can be released when you reach a fixed level, and you can also obtain additional items when opening the box as a Cain character.
By January 26, the level-up event held by Nixon Play will be paid up to 30,000 play points to users who have completed the quest.

For more information on the new character cinder update of the Making Heroes, please visit the official website.

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