Oh, hello there! I’m a member of the High on Life game’s development team, and I’ve been getting quite a few messages recently from players who are having trouble with the first quest.

Essentially, High on Life is an extremely easy-to-follow game.
However, there is the opportunity that you will obtain stuck when asked how to do it in High up on Life you will find a method around the river around the early bounty hunt to kill Kris.

So if you are a little confused where you need to go, allow us to clarify where the method front of you is and why you might have missed it.


If you stuck as well as run about in a circle, you will certainly be pleased to recognize that the path you have to go is not much away, and you do not need to go back to the earth.
Below you will also locate an image of where you need to go and also a description.

how to locate a means around the river in high up on life

If you have the task of finding a method around the river in High on Life, you need to go back to your starting factor, behind your houses of the extraterrestrial species, and also you will certainly see a warp base besides a large eco-friendly waterfall.
Jump over it and also to the high cliff on the various other side to discover a means around the dangerous river.
This objective is quite easy to ignore if you do not look carefully since it in fact shows up in the contrary instructions in which you look.
However, as quickly as you have actually discovered the warp base, it deserves climbing to eliminate the adversaries and also get among the high up on life warp crystals.
These can be made use of to acquire High on Life Warp Drives later in the video game.
Speaking of later in the video game, since you have discovered a method around the river in High on Life, you can pass to the later high on life goals and head cash that you can expect.
For additional suggestions that will help you on your journey, take a look at our high-on life full option, which contains many guidelines and also write-ups.

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