The First Trailer For Adam Drivers Noah Is Here And It Looks Amazing

When they told us that Adam Driver w going to star in a new science fiction film by the hand of the scriptwriters of a quiet place, no more w needed.
We only had a most brief title, ’65’, and one genre, but we were already on board and with the reserved entrance.
But now, after seeing its first trailer (on these lines) we cannot have more desire to fill the bowl to the top.
Although it begins with a lot of references taken from the best of science fiction and breathes alien for each by plane, the trailer is transformed in half and pses from the spatial imaginary of Ridley Scott that of Jursic Park, World and Songs.
Because the 65 of his name refers to the 65 million years after the extinction of dinosaurs.
The search for a new universe h led us to a prehistoric land, you can read between images.
The film will arrive in Cinem on March 10, 2023 and we said, it is directed and written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, collaborators of John Kaminski in a quiet place.

Ariana Greenblatt (who made Zamora’s young version in Avengers: Infinity Ward) and Chloe Coleman (whom you will know very soon thanks to Avatar: the sense of water) are responsible for escorting an Adam Driver that returns to science fiction
After psing through Star Wars Kylo Ren.
And often 2023 is introduced to the actor!
Driver will also be Enzo Ferrari in the controversial automobile biopic that Michael Mann prepares and will star in the expected Megalopolis of Francis Ford Coppola (the first film of the godfather director in more than a decade).


Is this the year of your Oscar after the 2019 nominations (infiltrate at the Klan) and 2020 (history of a marriage)?

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