The SW TOR Relic Hunt Missions are a new kind of mission introduced with Game Update 7.2 that focus on discovery and hunting for relics. There are 3 types of missions: Hunting, which task you with traveling around the map and collecting items; Flash point, which have you visit the Flash point to collect specific items; and Covert, which have you search a planet for specific items while avoiding detection by enemies. In this guide I’ll show you how to start and complete all the Run Relic Hunt Missions!

In the guide below I have described whatever step-by-step. If you are prepared to spend some additional time, I have good news for you. These Relic Hunt missions will reward you with special enthusiasts offered while on Run

They are also required for the Run Dacron! I have a different guide discussing how to get the Run Dacron in SW TOR!

The Run Daily Location and the Dacron in it are only available after you finish the 7.0 story arc, which implies you need to complete the main story on Canaan, launched with Tradition of the Sith on each character you wish to do Run dailies with.

Because the Dacrons in SW TOR are Legacy-bound, you just need to get it on one character. All your other alts will benefit from the +10 Mastery Points increase.

How to Get and unlock to Run.

Relic Hunt Missions Walkthroughs

Each area in the guide below is shown with a map, Runs map system is a bit of a puzzle and might be tough to browse. You can utilize the customized Run Maps available in the Run Daily Location Guide. High-resolution versions are likewise offered for download to all Patreon supporters.

If you do not like scavenger hunts, you’re gonna have a bad time due to the fact that you require to do all 3 missions in order to access the new Dacron (correctly) since you require the third antique and have to do them in order.

Each objective also approves access to a small passive enthusiast that you can use on Run comparable to the short-term abilities on Canaan and GSI healing on Make.

All 3 missions originated from the exact same data pad at Mangalore Encampment and each opens after you’ve done the previous 1. On the intense side, after doing these scavenger hunts, you’ll know the labyrinth that is Run like the back of your hand.

Each mission is a non-repeatable, extremely long scavenger hunt where the objective items are the hints that lead you to the next goal.

Relic Hunt: Prototype Missiles Mission Walkthrough

The initial step on the metaphorical mountain you’re about to climb up asks you to recuperate an Assad Data pad, which drops from Assad Clan opponents.

The entryway is at the Northern end of the Dilapidated Waterworks denoted by a faint course through one of the plateaus.

Here’s where mine dropped, but I believe any enemy that’s part of the Assad Clan can drop it.

There are two pieces of appropriate information here, though just one is beneficial now. You’ll want to head towards the Comms Tower in the Overgrown Mining Website, but you’ll find what you’re trying to find at a Mainframe Terminal in the area that links to the Comms Tower, the Reclaimed Mining Site.

The above image contains the area you need to reach, so skip the next 2 images if you just wanted a hint.

Data pad informs you to go to a specific peak in the Dilapidated Water supply, though it’s not the like the transmission area for the What’s in the Works? objective, though you can see it from that area.

KAZ Deck exists, however he attacks you, so you have to beat him and take his things, including Notes to Self, which offers you your next hint.

The very first of 3 Relic Hunt missions begins at Mangalore Encampment, this is the second level of the Staging Location map on Run, one level below where you pick up the Daily Missions.

You don’t have access though, so you require discovering Kans Security Gain access to Card, which is luckily not too far:

Right-click Personal Records in Objective Items to update Objective and you’ll be directed to the Excavation Website where you’ll notice some blue dig spots. Here are 2 such places, however there are a bunch of them.

Once you have it, go back to the Encrypted Network Gain Access To Terminal, in order to get Individual Records: KAZ Deck.

Keep digging through them until you discover the Prototype Rocket Accessory, which you can turn in to give access to the Model Missile Attachment enthusiast at the terminal:

Relic Hunt: Self-Replenishing Stem Mission Walkthrough

The 2nd Relic Hunt mission isn’t quite as long. You’re offered no information other than the truth that he’s somewhere at the Overgrown Mining Website.

SURPRISE, he’s currently dead! Your next goal is to identify the cause of death utilizing your reliable of Macro binoculars. When you’ve gathered enough proof, return to Mangalore Encampment to use the Proof Terminal, which will spit out this:

Head to the Dilapidated Water supply where you’ll need to defeat a Dew back to obtain a Perfectly Marbled Dew back Steak and Brewing Pheromones from Ire wings.

After that, head to the Water Treatment Plant and defeat Assad Beast masters (mobs composed of Mandalorian and Tiebacks) to get the Tranquilizer Bracers. You have whatever you need to put together the trap and can position it on The Scrabblers nest back at the Dilapidated Waterworks.

You’ll just need to follow the map to gather elements for a trap. The very first component, the Electrified Draftees Internet Trap can be gotten from a box near the Evidence Terminal at Mangalore Encampment.

You’ll be advised to step back and hide behind some rocks until the buzzed Scrabbler appears. Use the blaster capability on the short-term ability bar to tranquilize The Scrabbler. Stroll up to it and utilize the other capability to reach into its mouth and retrieve the Stem.

Relic Hunt: Repulsed System Mission Walkthrough

Return to cache, get heartbroken by getting Amanda Data pad rather.

Admire the fact that you simply did all that for a bunch of gibberish. Can you think that you’re not even halfway made with this objective yet? In all seriousness, we can glean some information from that garbled mess: Repulsed System Tracking 442075 Comms Tower. Because we were just looking at manifests, this info is pointing to a box at the Comms Tower.

Your first goal is to go find all 5 Manifest Terminals (Are through Chart) situated in various tunnels throughout Run.

In reality, the box will be found in the Reclaimed Mining Facility which connects to the Comms Tower:

Aaaannnnndddd its locked, though you’re not gonna trouble with searching around for a key this time. Instead, you’re gonna simply blow open the cache with a makeshift explosive, cobbled together from 3 items you’ll discover throughout Run.

You require circuitry, explosive substances, and housing in order to blow open the cage. The materials can be found at the following locations:

Now, assemble the parts and head back to the cache to pop that sucker open.

Since the cache is in fact situated outside the significant location, the mission marker for the cache at Arid Wastes is a LIAR! Naturally, the actual Repulsed wouldn’t be in any of the caches and instead, ITS JUST ANOTHER CRYPTIC NOTE!

GO FIND 3 MORE CACHES! Fortunately, the data pad does give you fairly precise areas for your next goal. You’ll be heading to Ventilation Maintenance, the Water Treatment Plant, and the Arid Wastes.

This work, what do you find? Not the Repulsed Unit, but a Amanda Data pad.

The key info from this note originates from the following words: Diehard, docks, and substance. Heresy our visual hint if you wish to attempt and figure it out for yourself:

These Anomalies can be discovered in the Main Ventilation Tunnel, the one with the relatively limitless towers of electrical power.

Now, you’re actually finished with the Run Relic Hunt Missions and can kip down the mission and have what you require to get the Dacron.

Don’t read the next sentence unless you desire more information. Diehard Val is a Nathan gal that works for Housebreaker on Mesh. She can be discovered on the primary flooring at Housebreakers Compound, and you may think that our elegant chancy repulsed antique is up for auction in that space as I did, but then you’d be ignoring one of the keywords I mentioned: docks.

The repulsed system can really be found at end of the southernmost dock at the entrance to Housebreakers Substance.

The headaches are lastly… not over; you have one final step prior to you can finish this mission. The Repulsed System needs to be charged, and you require utilizing Macro binoculars to find Energy Anomalies.

How to get the Run Dacron in SW TOR

SW TOR Run Relic Hunt Missions Walkthrough



This is a shorter variation, a step-by-step walkthrough, to assist you finish all three Antique Hunt Missions available on Run. If you choose just tips instead of a full extensive guide, follow these steps below!

  1. Open Run by completing the 7.0 Story.
  2. Pick up Relic Hunt: Prototype Missiles objective from Mangalore’s Encampment.
  3. Defeat Ash’ advertisement enemy NPCs to loot the Ash’ advertisement Data pad.
  4. Go to the high point in the Dilapidated Water supply. Its entryway marked on the map by a faint path line.
  5. Defeat KAZ Deck and loot Notes to Self for your next clue.
  6. Discover KAZ’s Security Card in the Reclaimed Mining Center.
  7. Go Back To Encrypted Network Gain access to Terminal to get Personal Records: KAZ Deck.
  8. Right-click on the Personal Records: KAZ Deck (Mission Products tab).
  9. Find and click on the blue dig spots in Excavation Website location to find Model Missile Attachment.
  10. Go to the terminal to get the next objective Relic Hunt: Self-Replenishing Stem.
  11. Go to the Overgrown Mining Site and discover ORM Greg. His place is in the middle between the two entryways to the Cliffside Tunnel Network and Ridge crest Tunnel Network.
  12. Use your Macro binoculars to gather evidence of ORM’s fate.
  13. Get an Amazed Draftees Net Trap from a box near the Proof Terminal at Mangalore’s Encampment.
  14. Head to the Dilapidated Water supply get Completely Marbled Dew back Steak from Dew backs and Brewing Pheromones from Ire wings.
  15. Go to the Water Treatment Plant and defeat Ash’ ad Beast masters to get Tranquilizer Bracers.
  16. Put together the trap and location it on The Scrabbler’s nest back at the Dilapidated Water supply. Conceal behind the rocks.
  17. Use the blaster capability on the momentary capability bar to tranquilize The Scrabbler. Approach it and use the other capability to reach into its mouth and recover the Stem.
  18. Start Antique Hunt: Repulsed System mission.
  19. Discover Manifest Terminal in Ventilated Upkeep.
  20. Discover Manifest Terminal in Freight Center area.
  21. Discover Manifest Terminal in Cliffside Tunnel Network.
  22. Discover Manifest Terminal in Reclaimed Mining Facility.
  23. You now require exploding the cache in Reclaimed Mining Facility with an explosive you will make yourself.
  24. Discover Hazardous Material Real Estate in the Ruined Dig Site.
  25. Discover Volatile Lam bro in Overgrown Mining Site.
  26. Find Shielded Circuitry in Reclaimed Mining Center.
  27. Assemble the elements and head back to the cache in the Reclaimed Mining Center.
  28. Find a Cache in Ventilation Maintenance.
  29. Find a Cache in Water Treatment Plant.
  30. Discover a Cache in Arid Wastes.
  31. Discover the Repulsed System at the dock at the entryway to Housebreaker’s Substance on Mesh.


  1. Use Macro binoculars to find Energy Anomalies. They remain in the Main Ventilation Tunnel back on Run.
  2. Congratulations. You finished all 3 Relic Hunt Missions on Run.

© Alex.

These Relic Hunt missions will reward you with distinct enthusiasts available while on Run

Go to the Overgrown Mining Website and discover ORM Greg. Use Macro binoculars to discover Energy Anomalies.

GO FIND 3 MORE CACHES! She can be discovered on the primary flooring at Housebreakers Substance, and you might believe that our elegant chancy repulsed relic is up for auction in that space as I did, however then you’d be forgetting about one of the keywords I discussed: docks.

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