Important Announcement Regarding The Ticuus Divination Exotic Onions

If you like to use Titus Divination exotic onions, we have interesting news for you.
With the advent of the Spire of the Watcher dungeon, a new exotic weapon fell, and it looks promising.
The weapon flourishes due to accuracy, accumulating energy after each exact hit and the last blow, and then creating a loan ring when this energy is filled.
Thanks to a unique visual design and unprecedented mechanics, this bow can simply change the meter.
Here’s how to get Hierarchy of Needs exotic onions.

How to get an exotic onion Hierarchy of Needs in Destiny 2?

To get Hierarchy of Needs exotic onions, you must go through the Spire of the Watcher dungeon.
However, the loss of this loot is not guaranteed, and there is only a small chance that you can get the bow.
Like the sword of Overshadow in the Duality dungeon, Hierarchy of Needs is an exclusive weapon of the dungeon and cannot be obtained in any other way.
When you complete every clash, you can find out if you received a happy prey in the last chest of dungeon.
If you are on the spire of an observer to get the onion, in the meantime you can try such a weapon to wait for you.
Most of the community compares the hierarchy of the needs of the Titus exotic onion, so you should try this weapon to see whether the exotic of the dungeon is worth the grinding.
If you do not have Titus Divination, you can instead try Le Marque and Trinity Ghoul.
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