5 Things You Need To Know About Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes is a completely individualized role-playing game, which can be played in single or multiplayer mode. In the universe of Chained Echoes, every player is not only part of a clan and able to pick their preferred class, but also get to choose how cheerful they want their character to be.


If we reflect to the highlights of the Japanese role-playing games, we are mainly still at the time when we were most likely to looked on colored pixels and polygons than the and androgynous animates.
Lots of recognized big rows began on the (extremely) Nintendo Entertainment System and the PlayStation 1. At that time there were still the round-based experiences from the Far East like sand by the sea.
The sentimental love for the timeless JPGs is still strong for many who have played.
And from time to time, fan jobs or development studios include little groups the light of the gaming world, which honor and masterfully bring their powerlessness into the modern-day age, but also masterfully.
We have exactly such a job with Chained Echoes.
Matthias Linda from North Rhine-Westphalia has developed a classic JRPG with the assistance of the media foundation of its state and support by Kickstarter within 7 years that actually has it all.
Throughout testing, we frequently considered hereditary regulations such as Last Dream 6 or 9, Dragon Quest, Breath of Fire and Throne Trigger.
These are excellent contrasts, but this certainly should have the game.

16-bit fantasy: From at that time

Much of Chained Echoes is extremely traditional.
Within its gorgeous and in-depth 16-bit graphics robe, quality-of-life functions and interesting design choices are also included, which feel absolutely fresh.
Obviously, as in numerous games of the genre, the story is plainly in the foreground.
Our journey starts with the young Glenn, who is preparing for his next mission as a mercenary on an airship.
In the usual manner, we check out the ship in an isometric view and look for products, chests and conversation partners.
Chained Echoes in the test: A German love letter to JRPGS (5) Source: Matthias Linda/Deck 13
If we go to the bridge, the leader is already introducing the attack.
The continent named Valances has actually remained in war for over 150 years.
The 3 excellent rich Tarn, Graves and España keep fighting and individuals nearly no longer know peace.
Everything changes in this attack on Ayrshire, the capital of Graves, through Glenn and its mercenary comrades.
With his pal Kylian in tow, we fly through the air in huge much fits, the so-called sky armor, until it advances foot at the festival.
Everything appears to be working out and the objective, the damage to a wonderful stone of the opponents, is within reach.
It turns out that the stone is really not an energy source for machinery when Glenn smashes the stone and there is a substantial surge.
Other than for Glenn and Kylian, all life is damaged within lots of kilometers.
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