Perfume Haie win for the first time

After the fifth of such outdoor occasion was held off two times due to the pandemic, it was the Maximilian Hammerer, Cologne, who scored the 1-0 after 60 seconds and hence scored the fastest goal in the short history of winter games.
Jean-Marc Aubrey increased to 2: 0 (12th minute) after a nice passport, and crowned a strong first third of the team of coach We Krupp.
In the center area, Ryan McGinnis (29th) reduced for the Mannheim, who then yielded 2 charge times within 15 seconds.
This was initially used by Nicholas Bailey (32nd) in double overnight outnumber to 3: 1 and 55 seconds later David McIntyre (33.) with a simple overnight outnumber to 4: 1.
In the last area, Born Endemic (46th) scored for the eagles.
For Cologne, it was the 3rd winter game after 2015 and 2019 (2 defeats against Dusseldorf EG), mannheim won the 3rd host in Sondheim versus the Schlesinger Wild Wings (7: 3).
The event with special effects such as fire columns and musical supporting program became part of the 27th match day in the DEL, after which the sharks are now 40 points and the eagles as the 2nd more 48 points.
The sharks play 2 more DEL games on the ice location: on December 22nd versus Bremerhaven and on January 8th against Augsburg.
Until then, the ice rink in the RheinEnergieStadion has likewise been launched for ice skating for the public, popular sports or schools.
There is likewise an al fresco game of the Perfume ice hockey ladies.

the previous del Winter Games at a glance

2013 in Nuremberg (50,000 viewers): Nuremberg Ice Tigers Ice Bear Berlin (4: 3).
2015 in Düsseldorf (51.125): Dusseldorf EG-Kölner Have (3: 2).


2017 in Sondheim (25.022): Schlesinger Wild Wings-Adler Mannheim (3: 7).
2019 in Perfume (47.011): Perfume Haie-Düsseldorfer EG (2: 3 n.V.).

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